‘NCIS’: Joe Spano’s Fornell Will ‘Definitely’ Return This Season

by Joe Rutland

Joe Spano is an actor who has been on a number of TV series. NCIS is one of them and he’s due to come back on the CBS show this season.

Spano, who plays Special Agent Tobias Fornell on the drama, has been a sidekick to the team and Gibbs in the past. We get an update about his status on the show from TV Line.

A fan of the show asks this question: “We need more Fornell on NCIS! Any plans for his next appearance? –Bob”. What would be the answer?

‘NCIS’ Star Lets People Know About Status of Fornell, Ducky

This pops up. The publication recently spoke to Dr. Jimmy Palmer actor Brian Dietzen. As you NCIS fans may know, Dietzen co-wrote last Monday’s episode titled The Helpers. So, he says that fans will “definitely” see Spano again this season.

In addition to that news, we also find out that David McCallum is due back as well. Of course, McCallum plays Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard on the show. He was a longtime medical examiner before Mallard retired. Now, Palmer holds that role. Ducky, though, has been a mentor to Jimmy.

As for Spano, classic TV fans might remember him from the cast of Hill Street Blues. Other movies and TV shows on his resume include NYPD Blue, Apollo 13, Murder One, and The Streets of San Francisco.

Dietzen Has Found Himself Working More On Writing

Keep an eye out for the actor’s return to the NCIS cast. One of the things that happened as far as Dietzen is concerned is an opportunity to write more.

Dietzen, as we said, co-wrote last Monday’s episode with writer and executive producer Scott Williams. Now, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Dietzen talked about being a writer.

“I’ve been very, very fortunate to write a few different things,” he said. “There were some feature films I co-wrote and some short films. I have always been interested in it and I have been doing NCIS. We are on our 19th season now, so obviously I have been enjoying the part of Jimmy Palmer for some time.”

The actor took stock of his life and career during the COVID-19 pandemic. His reflections led him to where he is today as a writer and creator.

“And I think over the pandemic a lot of people started having to be quarantined and whatnot and asking themselves, ‘What do I want to do?’” Dietzen said in the interview. “You see people switching their careers around a little bit or shifting their jobs and I am like, ‘I don’t want to leave this job, I love it. But if I can do something more as well…’”