‘NCIS’: Kasie Actress Diona Reasonover Makes Shocking Revelation About Season Finale

by Anna Dunn

It turns out that some of the cast members of NCIS were just as surprised by the ending of that season finale as the rest of us. Diona Reasonover, Kasie’s actress who live-tweeted the finale, said that the end of the episode wasn’t even in the script.

“That ending wasn’t in the script!!!” The actress tweeted, “I’m not kidding!!!”

That’s right, some of the NCIS actors didn’t even know how the episode would end. Reasonover also said that she loved the episode.

“My jaw dropped! That was the fastest hour of my life,” she tweeted. Other fans shared her surprise in the replies.

“All these other shows not doing cliffhangers this year, and NCIS goes THERE. Wowza,” someone replied, referring to the fact that a lot of shows opted not to go too heavy this year due to COVID-19. Amongst the shows that opted for happier endings than usual is NCIS: Los Angeles. The flagship, however, did not take that route.

“If it’s not in the script, it can’t be leaked. Well done, NCIS powers-that-be. At least we know: 1) Gibbs is alive. 2) He’ll have to build another boat,” another Twitter user said.

Many TV shows and movies have recently opted to keep certain details from actors when it’s irrelevant to prevent leaks. This was the case with the NCIS finale, which ended with Gibbs in quite a compromising situation.

Why the ‘NCIS’ Finale Was So ‘Jaw-Dropping’

The finale follows two separate storylines. First, the main NCIS team find themselves tracking some arms dealers, but the investigation goes in a different direction when they find a secret NSA file. They later find out that the person who leaked the file was none other than their team member, agent Ellie Bishop, who did so ten years ago.

The situation gets further complicated when they find out that not only did Ellie leak the files, but she’s preparing for an undercover mission for Odette. The storyline with the team wraps up when Ellie tries to sneak away from the NCIS team unnoticed, only to be confronted by agent Nick Torres, who shares a kiss with her before she says goodbye.

The actress who plays Ellie later confirmed on Instagram that Ellie’s goodbye was meant to be a departure from NCIS.

Meanwhile, Gibbs and Marcie are on the tail of a serial killer. The episode’s final moments find Gibbs in a boat looking for clues before the boat is blown to pieces. Gibbs’ body appears lifeless in the water before he moves and quietly swims away. The shocking NCIS finale has fans speculating that he faked his own death to chase down the killer.

How much Gibbs will appear in the next season, which has thankfully been renewed, is unknown. Mark Harmon is rumored to be itching to depart from the show but will be on for an undisclosed amount of episodes next season. For now, fans will have to sit and wait with their lingering unanswered questions. Season 19 of NCIS will air in the fall.