‘NCIS’: Kasie Hines Actor Diona Reasonover Once Described Storyline if Pauley Perrette Made Guest Appearance

by Madison Miller

In 2018, Pauley Perrette, who played fan-favorite Abby Sciuto, left “NCIS” for good.

Her departure left a massive gap in the show in terms of both storyline and fan appreciation.

This is when “NCIS” recruited Diona Reasonover to play Kasie Hines, a graduate assistant to Ducky, played by David McCallum. It started with a guest appearance until she eventually helped the rest of the crew solve crime full-time as the brand-new forensic scientist.

‘NCIS’ New Forensic Scientist

However, she certainly had big shoes (or leather boots, black lace tops, and chokers) to fill. She was walking onto a set with some actors having been there for well over a decade.

Despite all that, Perrette herself served as a mentor. “Pauley sat me down on my first day and told me, ‘Just be yourself.’ And that was really helpful because that’s the only person I can be. I’m bringing as much truth to this as I can,” Reasonover said to TV Insider in 2018.

Now, fans have come to love the sweet graduate assistant who has formed a close bond with Ducky. It has even left people wondering what it would look like if Perrette made a guest appearance on the show. Although, she has made it very clear this would never happen.

When asked what kind of storyline would happen if Perrette made a reappearance, Reasonover didn’t quite know what to expect.

“Oh man, I have no idea. But maybe you know that scene that I had with Pauley where I just got to fan girl all over her and call her The Beatles? That was so much fun because it’s really true,” she said.

Kasie Hines first appeared in a three-episode guest arc on “NCIS” that started in March of 2018. She was hired as a temporary replacement after Abby resigned, which was eventually made permanent. Both Perrette and Reasonover starred in a couple of scenes together as they peered over dead bodies.

Learning Science for Role

Pauley Perrette had studied science in college, which means she had a good grasp of stepping into her role as a forensic scientist. It didn’t quite feel like she was speaking a different language when she had to list off a bunch of scientific terms.

Kasie Reasonover on the other hand did not have that background. So, how did she learn that scientific jargon well enough to be able to rapid-fire spit it out on command?

“I am a nerd. I’m just not good at science,” Reasonover said to KTLA5 in 2018. She instead studied theater, dance, and acting while in school.

Reasonover followed Perrette’s initial advice and just tried to be herself on “NCIS” and the rest came pretty naturally. She also said that her sister is a big help when her script trips her up with all the medical nonsense. Her sister is a doctor so she serves as a bit of a secret weapon in prepping her lines.

While she may not be interested in science herself, she understands the impact of playing a woman in STEM. She told TV Insider that she hopes she can give out scholarships to “women and also people of color.” Perrette created STEM scholarships for students at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and Valdosta State University.