‘NCIS’: Kasie Is Still Struggling to Deal With Her Trauma

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

On “NCIS”, forensic scientist Kasie Hines doesn’t get out of her lab much. At least, not when it comes to solving cases; she doesn’t go into the field, and works her magic from the safety of indoors. But, after two recent traumatic events that put her face to face with potential death, Kasie’s been struggling with feeling safe again.

In the season 17 episode “Blarney,” Kasie and Jimmy Palmer were held hostage in a diner after three guys stormed the place following a failed robbery. In season 19, she was held hostage by Paul Lemere, the serial-turned-contract-killer. Both times, Gibbs saved her life, but now Gibbs is gone, and Kasie is feeling his absence tremendously.

Recently, in this week’s episode titled “Peacekeeper,” Jessica Knight finds out that not only has Kasie been going to the gym for nine weeks, but she’s also been taking Krav Maga classes. She’s been feeling weak and scared after her experiences, and wanted to learn self-defense.

Next, Knight and Parker run into Kasie at a private gun salon run by their victim’s ex-wife. Knight says it best in the episode; “It’s like a Tupperware party but with guns for women.” Turns out, Kasie is thinking of buying a gun. It’s obvious she’s feeling extremely vulnerable and is still processing her trauma. She turns to Jimmy Palmer, who was taken hostage with her in the diner and opens up about her reservations.

“Both times I was saved by Gibbs, meaning it’s on me when strike three happens,” she says. That doesn’t make the decision any easier. It’s possible she has some lasting PTSD related to her experiences, and that’s not going to go away just by buying a gun.

‘NCIS’: What Does Kasie Do?

Kasie goes to the gun range with Jessica Knight to try out a gun. She finds that she likes it, but decides not to get one. “It feels better than I thought it would,” she tells Knight. “I wouldn’t mind coming back to blow off steam every now and then.”

Kasie decides to trust her friends at the NCIS, and believe that they’ll always have her back if something like that happens again. In the meanwhile, she has her Krav Maga. But, most likely, those memories will stay with her, and color all of her interactions for a good long while. As is the nature of PTSD, it will take some time before she’s comfortable, and doesn’t feel constantly vulnerable. She has to build her confidence up again and recognize that she really can handle herself in an emergency.

Kasie is a favorite character on “NCIS”, and it breaks my heart to see her going through this trauma. But, for the sake of character development, I also love it. She’s growing, and changing, and becoming stronger as a character through it.