‘NCIS’: Kasie Will Face a Difficult Decision in Upcoming Episode

by Megan Molseed
Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

NCIS’s Kasie Hines has been through a lot so far in the nineteenth season of the popular CBS series.

And, it looks as if the forensic scientist will be facing a few more big decisions as the season unfolds.

It may be a while before we see the eighth episode of NCIS’s current season. The episode Peacekeeper is set to air after the holiday on November 29.

In the upcoming episode, the NCIS team investigates a case that involves a Navy reservist. The reservist is found dead inside a broken-down car in the outskirts of a gun range.

During the episode, we see Kasie Hines is struggling with the pros and cons of owning a gun. Perhaps this will have something to do with the life-threatening situation the NCIS scientist found herself in earlier this season?

‘NCIS’ Forensic Scientist Makes A Major Decision

Of course, this issue that NCIS’s Hines, who is portrayed by Diona Reasonover, will be facing is likely to be a difficult one. Gun ownership is proving to be a pretty divisive issue in today’s political climate. And, many procedurals such as CBS’s NCIS typically avoid the political parts of such an issue.

However, according to one of Matt & Jess’s latest TV Commentary, it seems the NCIS showrunners aren’t necessarily focused on landing on any one position when it comes to gun-control or gun ownership. Instead, the focus lands on Kasie Hines coming to a big decision based on what is right for her, specifically.

Recently, NCIS welcomed a special guest-star to their offices when former Home Improvement star, Patricia Richardson guest stars as Timothy McGee’s (Sean Murray) mother-in-law who has a penchant for oversharing.

Patricia Richardson Solves the Case

In the November 8 NCIS episode titled Docked, Patricia Richardson portrays a woman named Judy Fielding who was connected to a Navy commander who was found dead inside a cruise ship sauna.

The NCIS team is called to the scene to solve the twists and turns connected to the mysterious death.

It turns out that Richardson’s Fielding was holding the key to the entire mystery in a playing card hidden inside her purse.

As the episode unfolds, the NCIS team learns that the man fielding was with, a navy commander named Roger Burrows, was on the cruise ship investigating the death of a family friend. The death occurred on the ship three months prior to the recent deadly cruise. The playing card, it turns out, was related to the killer as it was covered in toxic waste.

The cruise ship’s captain was taking kickbacks along with the ship’s head of security for dumping toxic waste at sea. Burrows’s family friend witnessed these crimes and that is why she was killed.

The case was ultimately cracked when Richardson’s character noted barrels of “ginger ale” being loaded onto the ship.

However, Fielding knew there was no ginger ale on the ship. This is because this is her drink of choice and none of the bars or restaurants on board had any in stock.

“Did I just crack the case?” Judy Fielding says when she realizes what her realization leads to for the NCIS team. “I just cracked the case!”