‘NCIS: LA’ Star Daniela Ruah’s Kid Has Best Reaction to Season 13 Finally Arriving

by Suzanne Halliburton

It’s not just Daniela Ruah who is excited that NCIS: LA, finally, is premiering tonight. It’s her kids, too.

She teased on Instagram: “This sums up how I feel… TONIGHT.” And as Ruah loves to do, she translates her post into Portuguese. “Eis a melhor forma de descrever o que sinto… HOJE À NOITE (EUA)”

In the video, the NCIS: LA star is talking to her kids. She says to her son “River, what’s happening today?”

He says “At night, it’s going to be season 13 of NCIS: LA.” Then River, who is next to his sister, Sierra, does a little dance and screams.

Yes, it’s a party, an NCIS: LA kind of party.

Season 13 Premiere of NCIS: LA Is Called Subject 17

Subject 17 is the title of Sunday night’s episode. Here’s the plot summary provided by CBS: “While Callen suspects Hetty of keeping secrets about his past and Joelle surfaces in her quest to capture Katya, NCIS must track down an informant whose life is in danger. Also, Kensi and Deeks work to expand their family.”

Joelle will be a handful for the NCIS: LA agents. In season 12, Katya kidnapped Joelle, a CIA operative and one-time girlfriend of Callen’s. Katya also attached a suicide vest to Joelle. Sam (LL Cool J) was able to get Joelle out of the vest before it exploded. But Joelle ends up losing her leg.

Right before the season finale, Joelle told Callen about Katya, her long-time nemesis: “You don’t understand. I lost my husband and my child. My body has been permanently mutilated. All I have left is my taste for blood.”

So her taste for blood returns for the NCIS: LA premiere.

Plus, the episode will delve more into what Hetty (Linda Hunt) was up to in season 12. The agents learn she was in Syria. And her verbal banter with Kilbride (Gerald McRaney) is delicious. In one scene in tonight’s episode Kilbride talks to Hetty about Syria and her request to go back.

“You made a bloody mess of things over there the last time,” Kilbride tells Hetty. “I will sign the order (for travel). But if you make it worse, you will be sacrificed for the sake of diplomacy.”

“You do something really stupid and find yourself in a cage, again, you will be disavowed.”

Callen (Chris O’Donnell) also will delve into how much Hetty knew about his childhood. Callen grew up in foster care before Hetty found him and put him on a path to the military and then to NCIS: LA. In the season 12 finale, Callen sifted through Hetty’s files, looking for information.

Sometime this season, fans will see the 300th episode of NCIS: LA. There could be other characters, besides the main cast, who show up.

“I always like to have fun when we hit those milestones. And, if possible, bring back familiar faces to celebrate,” executive producer Scott Gemmill told TVLine.

So stay tuned. For more information on how to watch the premiere, click it here.