‘NCIS’: Latest Episode Shows How Team is Moving on Without Gibbs’ Help

by Jennifer Shea
Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

In the latest episode of NCIS, audiences saw a lot of teamwork and not a lot of Leroy Gibbs. That’s because Mark Harmon’s character is retired, and by all appearances, the show is moving along quite nicely without him.

In the Nov. 29 episode of NCIS, titled “Peacemaker,” the team had to solve a Navy reservist’s murder at a gun range. But Gibbs was not forgotten – there were multiple mentions of the character in the latest episode, like when Kasie wanted to get his opinion on whether or not she should buy a gun – even as his former colleagues went about their business.

Moreover, while Harmon remains involved with the show as an executive producer, it might do more harm than good to bring his character back onto the show too soon, as Cinema Blend points out. There are three reasons why not to do that. One, NCIS remains one of the top scripted dramas on network television, even after Gibbs’ departure. Two, the dynamics between the characters on NCIS are just settling into their post-Harmon groove. And three, Harmon shows no signs of wanting to go back before the cameras as Gibbs.

NCIS Is a Team Effort, and the Players Seem to Get Along

Harmon may be gone from audience’s screens, but he’s not gone from NCIS. And public comments he’s made suggest that he feels a strong sense of responsibility to the cast and crew of the show. He takes pride in having such collegiality that after a long night of working late, everybody still wants to go out to dinner together.

“You’ve got a bunch of people there who love their job and there’s a responsibility in that,” Harmon told Stephen Colbert in a 2019 appearance on the latter’s show. “You work with these people every day, and it only works when people want to be there. And I’m proud of being there for 17 years, certainly, but I’m more proud of the crew. And that someone’s been able to buy the fishing boat they always wanted, or maybe even a little small condo in Hawaii.”

Watch the full conversation here:

Some Fans Are Demanding Gibbs Return

In a post roughly two weeks ago, the official NCIS Instagram page set off a reaction among fans when it posted a throwback video clip featuring Gibbs. Fans promptly hopped into the comments section to demand his return.

“GIBBS NEEDS TO COME BACK,” one fan posted.

“Show can’t go on without him,” another fan agreed. “It’s not as good. Bring him back or end it.”

“I miss Gibbs! It’s not the same,” yet another fan chimed in.

Oops. Looks like NCIS may have inadvertently triggered a fan uprising there. Will the show’s creators listen and bring Gibbs back, or stay the course? Tune in to find out.