‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Admiral Kilbride Actor Gerald McRaney Has ‘No Idea’ Why He’s a Fit for Military Roles

by Jonathan Howard

On NCIS: Los Angeles actor Gerald McRaney is a tough, old man who still knows his way in the field. Why does McRaney get pinned for military roles? Well, the actor himself isn’t all too sure why, despite his success in those roles.

McRaney sat with New York Live and talked about his career, NCIS, other shows he was on, and more. During the interview, the actor was asked why he gets all of these military roles. Even as a young actor he was cast as those characters. Even with an entire career behind him, the actor isn’t sure why.

“I have no idea really, I was never in the military,” McRaney said. “But I do have a lot of friends and family who were military or are military. And I think maybe some of that rubbed off on me. I know how to stand at attention, that’s about it.”

Over the years, McRaney has been a regular and a not-so-regular character on NCIS: Los Angeles. However, now he is a full-time member of the team. That means more Kilbride. His story is one that fans are going to be very interested in hearing over the season. A deep dive into his background could be on the horizon. Especially after the last episode’s revelation that Kilbride had to take down Laura Song. It was either him or her in the end, and he had the faster draw.

In an upcoming episode, fans are going to watch while hostages are taken on a bus, an undercover agent, and an angry father who wants his daughter’s legacy cleared. So, what is going on with this bus?

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Bus Crisis in Upcoming Episode

NCIS: Los Angeles is going to be taking a short break. However, when the show returns on November 21, episode 6 is going to be action-packed. This is going to be a story that has a few moving parts that seem to all come together in the most perfect and unfortunate way.

Here is the synopsis of Sundown: “Sam negotiates and Rountree goes undercover, when a man takes a busload of hostages and threatens to blow it up unless his daughter’s war crimes are posthumously cleared, on the CBS Original Series NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Sunday, Nov. 21 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on-demand on Paramount+.”

Now, Rountree going undercover seems a little early. He hasn’t been with the team long and this is a big step. He is going to have to keep his cool and make sure that his identity isn’t revealed. Sam has the wonderful job of negotiating with the man taking hostages and that can only lead to another exciting episode of NCIS: Los Angeles.