‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Alum Renée Felice Smith Captures Incredible Motorcycle Pic: ‘Preferred Mode of Transport These Days’

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

Renée Felice Smith is out on the town in Brooklyn, New York in a new Instagram post. In the photo, the NCIS: Los Angeles star seems to be on the back of a motorcycle with her partner, filmmaker Christopher Gabriel, snapping a clever shot in the side mirror. “Preferred mode of transport these days,” she writes in the caption.

Renée Felice Smith And ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’

Renée Felice Smith is best known for playing Penelope “Nell” Jones on NCIS: Los Angeles. Introduced in season 2 episode 4, meant only to be a recurring character, Nell was subsequently added to the main cast. Nell holds the title of NCIS Intelligence Analyst at the Los Angeles branch. She speaks fluent Spanish, has a functional grasp of Arabic, and Hetty hinted in the episode “The Fifth Man” that she has the highest IQ out of everyone on the team.

Smith has since taken a break from Nell, telling TV Insider, “The door always remains open for Nell at NCIS, but it may be time for her to be pushed out of the nest a bit and see where this new opportunity takes her”. The break comes at the end of season 12; Barrett Foa’s character, Eric Beale, recruited Nell to work at the Tokyo office with him. Fans can only speculate if this is the end of Nell Jones at NCIS, but Smith stated season 12 was her official farewell: “Yes, this is official,” she said, “Nell has made an exit. It’s surreal to say this out loud, but I think it’s time.”

‘Hugo And The Impossible Thing’

Currently, after taking a step back from NCIS: Los Angeles, Renée Felice Smith and long-time partner Christopher Gabriel have published a children’s book. The book, titled Hugo and the Impossible Thing, features the couple’s dog, Hugo, as the title character. Published through Penguin Random House, Hugo and the Impossible Thing follows the brave little dog as he sets out to do what no animal has ever done before: travel past the Impossible Thing.

The story comes from Hugo’s real-life battle with an Impossible Thing: a life-threatening illness. “When everyone told us beating it was impossible, Hugo still wanted to try,” says the book’s official website. The tough recovery and Hugo’s unshakable spirit became the backbone of Hugo and the Impossible Thing.

Penguin Random House published the book in March 2021. Kirkus Reviews called it “the perfect story for goal-oriented readers (as well as those who need the occasional nudge)”. Hugo is as “happy and healthy as ever”; proud pet parent Renée Felice Smith seems to be enjoying life outside of NCIS: Los Angeles.