‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Alum Renée Felice Smith Pulls Off Epic Save When ‘Skies Turned’ at Fancy Dinner Party

by Jennifer Shea

“NCIS: Los Angeles” alum Renee Felice Smith throws a mean dinner party. But what to do when the ornate outdoor table is overshadowed by looming storm clouds?

Smith and friends jumped into action, moving the long table – complete with candles, flowers and place settings – several yards over, into the house from the backyard, just before the torrential rain and hail began to hit.

And luckily, Smith captured it all in pictures and video, which she then posted to Instagram on Wednesday.

“Well, that was a close one. skies turned and we busted a move. must always ride the wave, friends!🥳 #karenturns60,” Smith captioned the post.

See the pictures and video here:

Smith Talks About Leaving ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’

Smith, who played Nell on “NCIS: Los Angeles,” eventually left the CBS drama after 11 seasons on the show. And she told Entertainment Tonight this May that she had a hard time saying goodbye.

“It’s truly difficult when you work with people you love who have become your family, who become so much more than your co-workers,” Smith said. “A lot like me and our fabulous crew at NCIS Los Angeles,” she said. “I do commend Nell for stepping into her power and really making a decision to serve herself rather than people-please and to serve others. It’s quite commendable.”

Nell had been considering taking on Hetty’s (Linda Hunt) job as operations manager. But when push came to shove, she opted to take a different path. Instead, she relocated to Tokyo with Eric (Barrett Foa) to oversee a new office there.

Smith Says Goodbye to Linda Hunt

Smith’s final scene with Hunt was a satisfying resolution for Smith, who said she’s studied at the feet of the master this past decade. For most of the season, Hunt had been phoning in from an undisclosed location. That allowed the crew to protect Hunt, who, in her seventies, is more vulnerable than the rest of the cast to adverse COVID-19 outcomes. But she made her triumphant return for the season finale, so Smith was able to say a face-to-face goodbye to her mentor on camera.

“It was quite emotional to have Linda back on set for our final day of the season,” Smith told ET. “That scene was our final day of the season and she was essentially sidelined by the pandemic. To see her in the flesh, let alone share a scene with her, it was just the ultimate. Linda is a master and whenever I’m in a scene with her, I am really the student.

“It’s been the greatest gift and such an incredible opportunity to play opposite Linda Hunt, Oscar winner, for the past 10 years. It really is this bittersweet reunion between Nell and Hetty. Nell wants to stay and catch up with her mentor, who she has deeply missed, but she can’t because she’s made her decision.”

But there’s an upside to that ending. With “NCIS: Los Angeles” behind her, Smith will no doubt have more time for fancy dinner parties.