‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Alum Renee Felice Smith Snaps Incredible ‘Frozen Lake’ Photo

by Maggie Schneider

NCIS: Los Angeles alum Renee Felice Smith is chronicling her travels by sharing with fans a stunning new image. The actress and author is enjoying more free time since leaving the CBS drama.

In her most recent Instagram post, Smith is showing off a gorgeous wintry view. The picture shows a beautiful frozen lake. A snowy mountain range is seen in the distance.

“stand on frozen lake and listen to lasers blasting under surface. highly recommend,” Smith writes. While some fans are commenting on the view, others are comparing the scene to an NCIS: Los Angeles episode. Episode 10 of Season 5 was actually titled “The Frozen Lake.”

In the 2013 episode, “a masked intruder decapitates a Pentagon consultant in Bahrain and steals a flash drive containing top-secret data; the drive turns up in Hollywood; a Gurkha works with the team; they find the answers and eventually the drive as well.”

Luckily, it looks like Smith’s time on the lake is far more serene than this storyline. We are wishing her some well-deserved self-care time.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star’s Snowy Vacation

Where is Renee Felice Smith? It looks like the actress is on vacation in Mammoth Lakes, California. Located east of Mammoth Mountain, it is far from the palm trees of Los Angeles. Instagram updates show Smith enjoying some time on the slopes with friends.

Fans are hoping that the NCIS: Los Angeles star captures more content of her skiing adventures.

“I remember the last trip. We need the thrills and spills of live video,” one fan writes.

“More snow there than at the Olympics,” another user jokes.

It does not look like the star is planning to leave her winter wonderland anytime soon. Writing “see ya never!” on one of yesterday’s images, it sounds like Smith is happily snuggling in her cute cabin.

More About Smith’s Book

In recent years, Renee Felice Smith is known more as a children’s book author. Hugo and the Impossible Thing was published last March and is inspired by their late pup of the same name.

In an interview with The Talk, Smith shares her hopes for the project.

“Our hope for the book is that Hugo will inspire readers, young and young at heart, to politely ignore the naysayers and really to set out and conquer their own impossible thing, whatever it may be,” she says.

While there are no confirmed plans to return to NCIS: Los Angeles, she hopes to continue working behind-the-scenes in the industry.

“I think that I’ve been ready for my next chapter for a while now, in whatever form it will take. But it’s surely to be centered around storytelling.”