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‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Caleb Castille Calls Fatima and Roundtree One of His ‘Favorite Relationships on the Show’

by Jonathan Howard
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Fans of NCIS: Los Angeles recently got to ask star Caleb Castille questions about the show and he answered them on Twitter. As one of the favorite newer additions to the show, Castille had fans excited.

Castille as Devin Roundtree is in one of the most interesting relationships on the show. NCIS Special Agent Fatima Namazi and Roundtree are very close. They have even sparked a nickname for the two among fans, “Fountree.” Watch him answer a question about the relationship below.

“Honestly, this is one of my favorite relationships on the show. Two young rookies that came together…well Fatima being there before Roundtree,” Castille started. “[Their] bonding over the fact that they’re joining this team that has been together for a very long time. And them just learning each other they’re still learning how to work with one another, how to have each other’s backs.”

As the show progresses in the new season of NCIS: Los Angeles, fans are going to be treated to seeing Roundtree away from the office and work.

“They’re becoming super close friends and I’m excited because you’re going to see Fatima help Roundtree grow this season in ways you didn’t see last season. What I mean by that is in his everyday life.”

So, fans of “Fountree” have a lot to look forward to. These two are new characters. It was back in season 10 when Fatima first made an appearance. Season 11 introduced Roundtree to the show. They both started out as recurring characters and are now two main team members.

The relationship has a lot of viewers excited on social media. As the new season progresses, there will be plenty to learn about both characters. Hopefully, Castille answers more questions in the future.

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Of course, Hetty has files on just about everything. That apparently includes Callen. While one would expect a file on the Special Agent, what he discovered was far more interesting. With no names listed on the file, simply “Subject 17“, Callen sees his date of birth and figured it must be him.

While Callen believed he made it out of the room without detection, Hetty still got an alert about a security breach in the room. Oblivious to that, he embarks on figuring out what the file could mean. A truth-seeking mission. In the final scene of the NCIS: Los Angeles premiere, Callen reads the file with Hetty’s voice narrating. He is Subject 17. But what does that mean for the future?