‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Callen and Kensi Are Cornered in Sneak Peek of Sunday’s Episode

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Kensi and Callen find themselves in quite a pickle in a sneak peek of Sunday’s “NCIS: Los Angeles.” They find themselves in a high-speed chase in, of all things, a hearse. Guys are shooting that them, and then they all stop; Kensi and Callen are trapped in their hearse between two groups of criminals. How are they going to get out of this one?

This latest episode is titled “Sorry For Your Loss.” It looks like at least Callen is going undercover, possibly Deeks as well. They’re still looking for a shipment of stolen guns, and it’s possible Callen and Kensi found the guys responsible.

“This is awkward,” Kensi says as she ducks away from gunfire, “never thought I’d die in a hearse.” Callen expertly drives, all while getting shot at. A van pulls in behind them, and then all three vehicles stop. Four guys with guns get out in front and back of the agents.

“That’s not good,” says Kensi in response, and Callen replies, “This is why I don’t make plans.” Might want to start planning for your funeral, though, because things are not looking good.

The official “NCIS: Los Angeles” Twitter page said it perfectly in their caption on the clip: “*Record scratch* *freeze frame* You’re probably wondering how Callen and Kensi got into this situation…” Oh, we are, “NCIS: LA” Twitter, we are.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Twitter Highlights Fake Fight Between Kensi and Fatima

In other Twitter news, “NCIS: LA” recently showcased a scene from the “Indentured” episode. Kensi and Fatima go undercover at a rehab facility, where the plan is to confront the girlfriend of a dangerous gun runner while she’s in rehab.

Fatima starts the scene by cornering Mia, the girlfriend, demanding her contraband alcohol and pills for herself. She pushes Mia around a bit before Kensi comes to Mia’s defense. “It’s not going to end well unless you walk away,” Kensi says, but Fatima refuses, as per the plan.

Then, Kensi and Fatima go for an all-out brawl; staged, of course. Fatima comes away with blood on her face, shouting “This place sucks!” But she’s smiling as she turns her back; it was probably fun to get out of the office and pretend to punch her friend in the face for a change.

In the new episode, airing this Sunday, the team’s number one suspect is found dead, and they’re fresh out of leads in the gun smuggling case. Callen is still dealing with the Katya situation as well. Kilbride is still director of the Office of Special Projects, and there’s still no word on Hetty. But, it seems like Kilbride has earned a tentative trust with Sam and Callen after arresting his gun smuggling former colonel friend. Time will tell if that trust holds.