‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Chris O’Donnell Explained Why He and LL Cool J Both Needed to Take ‘Opportunity’ of Show

by Anna Dunn

NCIS: Los Angeles star Chris O’Donnell once explained why he and LL Cool J both took the opportunity to be on the show. O’Donnel plays G. Callen, while Ll Cool J plays Sam Hannah. The two lead the show together, playing crime-fighting NCIS agents solving cases in Los Angeles.

In a conversation with CBS Watch, O’Donnell detailed what it was like to begin working on NCIS: Los Angeles and why they chose to be a part of it.

“We’ve each had our ups and downs, and we knew what an opportunity this was. We came at it with the same attitude: Let’s work as hard as we can, give ourselves every opportunity to be successful, and have no regrets if it isn’t,” he explained.

Now 12 seasons later, NCIS: Los Angeles is certainly considered successful, so all that hard work paid off big time. Currently, season 13 of the show is in production, and there’s no reason to think the show will stop any time soon.

Season 12 of ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Juggled With COVID-19 Struggles

While fans enjoyed season 12 of NCIS: Los Angeles, the real world was far from easy. Season 12 of the show was released on an off-schedule due to COVID-19 concerns. Even when they did film, a key member of the cast wasn’t able to come to set.

Actress Linda Hunt, who plays the very beloved Hetty, had to take a step back for NCIS: Los Angeles season 12 because she was more at risk of the virus than other cast members. She came back for the season 12 finale, and now, she’s back for season 13. Apparently, she’s incredibly excited to get back into her character.

For season 13, the writer’s room is trying to flesh out the fictional reasons Hetty was away. Showrunner R. Scott Gemmil explained this dilemma to TV Line.

“You normally wouldn’t ever write one of your No 1 through 6 actors out for four or five episodes because you couldn’t afford to,” Gemmill noted. “But when they have to for whatever reason, you try and jump at that because that’s something you don’t normally get to do, and you build that into the story. Like, “Where is this character?” Obviously, Hetty was away, but we want there to be a real reason, and we’ll probably revisit that next season.”

And when it came to the season 12 finale, the writer’s room also changed course due to the pandemic. 2020 was a hard year for all of us. They changed up what was initially supposed to be a pretty tragic finale to give fans a break.

Now, as season 13 enters production, things are less complicated, and the season will be released as normal. Season 13 of NCIS: Los Angeles will air on October 10th.