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‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Chris O’Donnell Explains How His Relationship with LL Cool J is Similar to Their Characters

by Taylor Cunningham
Paramount+. Photo: Ron Jaffe/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

As fans of NCIS: Los Angeles know, Callen and Sam have a bit of a “bromance.” That’s one of the reasons everyone loves the show so much. And in an interview with ET Canada, Chris O’Donnell said that he has a very similar real-life friendship with LL Cool J.

While talking with ET’s Carlos Bustamante, O’Donnell said that on the show, Cal and Sam are just as much brothers as they are partners. And the two characters have the utmost respect for each other. But just like real siblings, they can get on each other’s nerves.

And that chemistry we see each week on NCIS: Los Angeles isn’t far from the duo’s offscreen relationship.

“You know, the same way you would pick on your sibling and drive each other crazy, I mean, it’s similar to the relationship Todd and I, LL and I, have in real life,” he told Bustamante. “I mean, he’s someone I have great respect for, and there’s a mutual admiration. But we also love to, you know, just torture each other…and constantly, uh you know, drive each other crazy.”

The actor admitted that they really dig into each other when they have a lot of downtime during filming.

“When you spend that much time together on set, you know you tend to get bored once in a while,” he continued. “And all that’s left is to just pick on each other. It’s only so long you can sit and stare at you know TikTok and Instagram on your phone.”

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Co-Stars Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool Jay are Like a Married Couple

Carlos Bustamante reminded Chris O’Donnell that O’Donnell once said he and LL were “sort of like a married couple.” And Bustamante asked if LL does anything that drives O’Donnell “up a wall.”

O’Donnell laughed and said that his friend never gets on his nerves “drives him up a wall.” But he does find him as predictable as he would a spouse.

“It’s more about—and I’m the same way—but it’s, he’s just very predictable,” he admitted. “You know what I mean?”

And more importantly, O’Donnell can sense the rapper’s mood as soon as he walks into work each morning. He can tell if LL Cool J got enough sleep or if he’s having a good day. And just like a brother, he loves taking jabs at his co-star while he’s trying to get situated in the morning. LL is a busy man juggling his new Rock the Bells venture with his acting career. And he’s always on calls in between scenes.

“I love listening in because, you know, Todd is just always working, always doing things … and you know he’ll be rolling calls and ‘yo man, I’m gonna hit you back.’ And just up until the last second jumping on calls. So we’ll egg him on about that.

But O’Donnell was quick to give the former Lip Sync Battle host the credit he deserves.

“He’s got a pretty amazing ability to multitask and focus in when he needs to,” he added.