‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Come to Aid of War Veteran in New Sneak Peek

by Suzanne Halliburton
CBS ©2021

How about a little Saturday night taste of Sunday’s newest NCIS: Los Angeles episode.

The NCIS: Los Angeles account posted a clip of Fukushu. The caption: “We’re on our way — the second episode of #NCISLA premieres this Sunday and this time, it’s close to home.

Sunday’s NCIS: Los Angeles episode is called Fukushu. And it concerns a problem the United States is having during the Covid-19 pandemic. Hate crimes against Asians are on the rise. The Associated Press recently reported that there were more than 9,000 hate crimes towards Asians from March, 2020 through June of this year.

The CBS plot summary for Sunday’s NCIS: Los Angeles episode: “NCIS takes the case personally when an LAPD officer’s father, a beloved elderly Japanese American veteran, is the victim of a vicious hate crime.”

In ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Clip, Kilbride Tells Agents About Elderly Vietnam Vet Who Was Almost Beaten to Death

The video clip shows Kilbride (Gerald McRaney) speaking to his group of agents via remote. He’s in his truck, driving back to the office. Sam (LL Cool J) asks about the case.

“It’s a tough one,” Kilbride tells them. “Lt Junior Grade Craig Tanaka was beaten to within an inch of his life yesterday. “

Sam asks about his condition. “That’s yet to be determined,” Kilbride says. “He’s being prepped for his second surgery. At his age, with injuries like this, it does not look good.”

Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) asks how old Tanaka is.

“He’s 73 years old. Lt JG Tanaka served aboard the destroyer U.S.S. Walke in Vietnam,” Kilbride tells them.

“So somebody beat up a 73-year-old Vietnam war veteran,” Kensi says, “who does that?”

And then Kilbride provides an ominous NCIS: Los Angeles warning.

“Somebody who is about to be hunted down by us,” Kilbride says, telling his investigators that Tenaka’s son is a robbery/homicide detective at LAPD. He was coming to the boathouse to help.

Last Sunday’s Episode Centered on Hetty-Callen

Last Sunday’s NCIS: Los Angeles season premiere — called Subject 17 — drew an audience of 5.8 million. That placed it between the OG NCIS, with its Gibbs-centric story arc, and newbie NCIS: Hawai’i.

Last Sunday’s episode centered on Callen (Chris O’Donnell) and Hetty (Linda Hunt). Callen, who was searching through old files, discovered that Hetty knew him long before he thought. In fact, Hetty apparently ran a secret CIA recruiting program that sought to identify potential agents among foster children. Callen learned Hetty and her program tested for his intelligence and deductive skills at a very early age.

Callen already knows that Hetty came into his life when he was in high school. But it was far sooner than that. Kilbride told him last season that Hetty “created” him. We now know that’s probably true.