‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Daniela Ruah Talks Kensi and Deeks Still Hoping to Become Parents Next Season

by Suzanne Halliburton

The NCIS: Los Angeles showrunner has hinted at this plot point for weeks. Will Kensi and Deeks become parents this season?

And now we know there will be more discussions as NCIS: Los Angeles progresses through season 13. It’s not just about whether Kensi (Daniele Ruah) can become pregnant. Or how much they’ll love the little boy or girl. It also concerns whether Kensi and her husband Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) should bring a child into this world with both working extremely dangerous, often secretive, jobs.

“They just want a little kid to love,” Ruah says of her NCIS: Los Angeles character, in a preview for season 13.

Kensi has had issues with fertility. So the couple will explore the adoption process. Ruah mentioned a specific episode during an interview with TV Insider when the couple talks about adoption. The episode involves real-life issues — Asian American hate crimes, post-Covid. Kensi and Deeks ponder what sort of problems a new family member could have if the couple adopts a baby from an Asian country.

“Kensi and Deeks ticked the box (on the adoption application) that race wasn’t an issue, but didn’t think what that might entail,” Ruah said. “You want this child to relate to their natural-born culture and fit in.”

The names of the first two NCIS: Los Angeles episodes are listed as “Subject 17” and “Fukushu.” The premiere, scheduled for Oct. 10, revolves around the return of Hetty to the office. Hetty was off in an unidentified war zone during season 12. The NCIS: Los Angeles agents will be drawn into Hetty’s case in this episode. There is no information on “Fukushu,” other than the title.

In real life, both Ruah and Olsen are parents of young children. Ruah has two, while Olsen has three.

Earlier this month, news broke that Ruah and Olsen will do more than portray their characters this season.

Ruah, Olsen Also Have Other Roles on NCIS: Los Angeles This Season

Ruah is directing episode seven of season 13. It’s called “Lost Sailor Down.” Again, there’s not much known about the plot for the episode. Ruah directed an episode in season 12 called “Russia, Russia, Russia.” It was heavy on the Callen (Chris O’Donnell) storyline.

Over the summer, Ruah directed her first movie. Os Vivos, o Morto e o Peixe Frito in Torres Vedras, Portugal. Translated, the movie title is The Living, the Dead and the Fried Fish. The filming started in late May, after NCIS: Los Angeles finished production.

Ruah was born in Boston, but grew up in Portugal when her parents moved back there before she started elementary school. She usually spends parts of her summer in Portugal. This year, she was able to combine business with pleasure. Her husband and kids joined her there after three weeks away.

Meanwhile, Olsen is writing an episode of NCIS: Los Angeles. So stay tuned.