‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Daniela Ruah Uploads Photo Gallery of Family’s Sweet Visit to Portugal

by Jon D. B.

Ahead of returning to the NCIS: Los Angeles set, Kensi’s Daniela Ruah is sharing a beautiful “photo dump” from her Portugal family vacation.

“This girl is turning back into Kensi on Monday so I’m savoring the last 3 months in these “photo dumps”!” the star says on her official Instagram late Thursday. Within, we see a full gallery of the Ruah’s loving life together in… “Part 1: Portugal.”

“So so good to hold family and old friends again and explore more directing with amazing new friends! Almost 2 years away from home so It was tough to say goodbye…”

For NCIS: Los Angeles fans that are unaware, Ruah’s parents were both born in Portugal, where the majority of her family still resides. The Kensi actor herself, however, was born in Boston.

Regardless, her Portuguese heritage is at the heart of it all for Ruah. As such, she posts her Instagram caption in Portuguese, as well:

A partir de 2a esta miúda transforma-se outra vez em Kensi por isso vou saborear as férias convosco neste “foto dump”. Parte 1: Portugal
Foi tão tão bom abraçar família e velhos amigos novamente, e explorar mais a realização, descobrindo amigos novos e maravilhosos! Foram quase 2 anos longe de casa por isso a despedida desta vez foi mais difícil…

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Daniela Ruah Love Triange

Alongside her Portuguese family, Ruah has made a life for herself through her NCIS show, as well. And for some fans just finding out… It can be a little confusing.

In cutting right to the chase, NCIS:LA fans will know that Eric Christian Olsen‘s character – Marty Deeks – is married to Daniela Ruah’s character – Kensi Blye – on the show. As in, it’s fiction. But they are basically “married at work.”

In the real world, however, Kensi actor Daniela Ruah is married to David Paul Olsen.

Wait a minute. Olsen, you say? Didn’t we just discuss an Olsen? Are the two related? Nah, couldn’t be.

But it is… be. David Paul Olsen is Eric Christian Olsen‘s brother. These two brothers share a Daniela Ruah as a wife. Just one has her for real. So David obviously wins. But this means that Eric Christian Olsen has been loving all over his sister-in-law on NCIS: Los Angeles for a decade.

Is it weird now? It might be weird. At the very least, the family reunions and vacations like we see above have to be that much more interesting, to put it one way.

As for Eric Olsen’s brother, David is a former Navy SEAL turned stunt double. And he works as Eric’s stunt double on NCIS: Los Angeles. So Ruah had her pick of the Olsen brothers… And… Okay, yeah. David 1,000% wins.

Ah, family.