‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Actor Eric Christian Olsen Revealed His ‘Favorite Kind’ of Episode in 2014

by Quentin Blount

If you were to ask NCIS: Los Angeles star Eric Christian Olsen, he knows exactly what kind of episode is his favorite.

There is no denying that Eric Christian Olsen is a man of many talents. He has been a part of a ton of different movies and television shows in his 44 years on Earth. However, he is perhaps best known for his portrayals of Detective Marty Deeks on the CBS military crime series NCIS: Los Angeles, and of Austin in the 2001 film Not Another Teen Movie.

As a result, Olsen has come to learn just what exactly his favorite kind of episodes are. And, at least when it comes to NCIS: Los Angeles, the more potential plotlines, the better. He explained as much in a 2014 interview with TV Fanatic.

“I know in the episode there’s something going on with Hetty and the case this week,” an interviewer says to Olsen. “How does your character fold into either one of those story threads?”

“I think it’s kind of the best version,” Olsen replies. “My favorite kind of version of storytelling for our show, which is that there’s, instead of an A story and a B story, there are about four stories.”

The star actor then takes the opportunity to dive into a little more detail regarding the episode in question.

“And Hetty has been taken by the DOJ, Department of Justice, and is being kind of grilled for her role in Afghanistan about the white ghost, about Kensi and there’s a cover-up and they want to know where the money came from,” Olsen explained. “So, she’s really being grilled, and in the meantime, someone has bought personal information about Hetty because they’re coming for her.”

Eric Christian Olsen Officially Joined the ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Cast in Season Two

When you think about Eric Christian Olsen, your mind probably goes straight to NCIS: Los Angeles. And that’s for good reason — the 44-year-old has appeared on the show since its beginning back in 2009. But not all fans remember that Olsen’s character, detective Marty Deeks, was only a guest star at first. It wasn’t until season two of the hit show when he joined the cast as a regular.

Loyal NCIS: Los Angeles fans may already know, but another interesting fact is that Eric Christian Olsen and his co-star Daniela Ruah are related. In the show, Olsen plays Marty Deeks and Ruah plays his wife, Kensi Blye. But in real life, it’s Eric Christian Olsen’s brother, David Paul Olsen, who is Ruah’s husband.

Eric told TV Insider back in 2019 that he actually set the two up.

“I introduced her to my brother because they are wonderful human beings and I want them to be happy. It worked,” he said. “They have two amazing kids. And they’re great parents.”