‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Fans Have an Interesting Theory About Hetty and Owen

by Anna Dunn

NCIS: Los Angeles fans have a really interesting theory about Hetty and Owen. In a recent Reddit thread, a fan proposed that there’s a bit more to their story than the writers are letting on. Hetty, of course, is an absolute fan favorite and gem. But the character has quite a mysterious and shady past.

In a new thread called “Owen Granger and Hetty Lange” a fan proposed that the two had an intimate relationship years ago.

“Given their back and forth and their interactions, I think Owen and Hetty were lovers during or right after Vietnam, all the way through her collecting kids to be junior agents, and ended when Jennifer Kim was conceived,” the fan wrote. “Then their relationship became beyond bitter, maybe first by her, then by him. Only during his Assistant Director administration, they were able to make peace. Am I the only one who thinks this?”

Some Fans Love the ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Theory While Others Don’t Really See It

Some fans are really for this theory. Others don’t really see that strong of a connection between the two. But it’s possible. Hetty’s been a staple character on the show for years now. When she wasn’t really in season 12, fans were upset. Now, she’s back and fans are more than happy to jump in and talk backstories again.

“I never got that vibe but that’s an interesting thought,” one fan wrote.

“I never got that vibe either. Just a deep respect for the others as they grew professionally,” another fan agreed.

Regardless of whether or not you see it, we’ll likely get more of Hetty’s backstory, especially as it pertains to Callen, as the season continues to progress.

The Show Just Put One of its Stars in the Director’s Chair

In other news, NCIS: Los Angeles is seeing Kensi Blye actress Daniella Ruah take on a director’s role for some upcoming episodes. The actress is keenly aware of how the show works and is passionate about directing, so the move makes sense.

Additionally, Eric Christian Olsen, who plays Marty Deeks, is also writing an episode. The show is really letting the cast in on the creative process. This is the second episode Olsen has written, with another being a season 11 episode called Mother.

But this is Daniela Ruah’s first-ever time in the director’s chair. So hopefully, she’s had tons of fun on this new journey and the episode will turn out great.

NCIS: Los Angeles is just wrapping up before a mid-season hiatus. The show typically airs on Sunday nights at 9/8 Central on CBS. The other two shows in the growing NCIS franchise, NCIS and NCIS: Hawai’i, air the next night.