‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Fatima Actress Medalion Rahimi Says ‘A Girl Can Dream’ in Behind-the-Scenes Video on Set

by Anna Dunn

NCIS: Los Angeles actress Madalion Rahimi just posted a fun video from the set of the show. NCIS: Los Angeles is currently filming season 13, which airs on October 10th this year. Rahimi plays Fatima Namazi, an NCIS agent who first appeared on the show during its 10th season.

The video shows Rahimi sitting at Hetty’s desk. The caption says, “a girl can dream @ncisla just testing it out…”

“i mean i don’t see a problem with it,” one fan wrote.

“I was waiting for Hetty to pop up on a screen!!” another person said. Others pointed out that not even someone like Fatima Namazi could replace Hetty. But on the show, someone actually did have to replace Hetty in season 12.

Hetty Actress Linda Hunt had to Sit ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Season 12 Out

With the exception of the season 12 finale, Linda Hunt couldn’t appear in season 12. In the show, Nell took over for Hetty in her absence. Hunt felt more at risk for contracting the virus than her fellow cast members, so she elected to play it safe. Now, however, she’s back to set and really excited to get started.

“The minute I saw her, she’s like, ‘Let’s talk about next season,’” Showrunner R. Scott Gemmill told TV Line. “So I think that as tough as last year was, for a lot of reasons, she, like the rest of us, is starting to see a little light at the end of the tunnel and feels good about coming back to work.”

Gemmill also admitted that Hunt’s absence was a challenge for the writer’s room, one they are planning to address in the upcoming 13th season.

“You normally wouldn’t ever write one of your No 1 through 6 actors out for four or five episodes, because you couldn’t afford to,” Gemmill explained. “But when they have to for whatever reason, you try and jump at that because that’s something you don’t normally get to do, and you build that into the story. Like, ‘Where is this character?’ Obviously, Hetty was away, but we want there to be a real reason, and we’ll probably revisit that next season.”

Hetty’s absence was troubling for fans as she’s such a fan favorite. Next year, more of the storyline behind her absence will be explored along with some other important unfinished plot points. For instance, Kensi and Deeks are still trying to have children together.

Next season of NCIS: Los Angeles will look a bit different. It’s not just that Hetty’s back, but Nell and Eric actors Renee Felice Smith and Barret Foa have left the show. Horace Killbride actor Gerald McRaney, meanwhile, will join the cast full time.

You can catch NCIS: Los Angeles in the same time slot it’s always been in, and if you need to catch up on the show, season 12 is now available on Paramount +.