‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Finishes Season 12 with Action-Packed Finale as Fan-Favorite Character Returns

by Suzanne Halliburton

NCIS: Los Angeles fans rejoiced in the final few moments of the season finale. Hetty returned!

And Hetty gave her blessings to Nell to leave the NCIS: Los Angeles office and ride off with Eric to a new job in Tokyo. At the end of the finale, Eric and Nell drove a new Lamborghini into the sunset.

We still don’t know where Hetty has been all season. When Nell walked into her office, she immediately sees Hetty. Then Hetty says “I’m up to my ass in alligators on this one. But I had to come so I could wish you luck.”

Nell had taken Hetty’s place for the past six months as Hetty was in parts unknown. Earlier in the episode, Kilbride, the retired admiral, told Nell she had the day to either accept his offer to permanently replace Hetty or leave.

Nell made the decision before Hetty returned. She handed Kilbride a folder, with Kilbride telling “I don’t negotiate with terrorists or operation managers.”

On NCIS: Los Angeles, What Do Dolphins and Deeks’ Kidnapping Have in Common?

Next story line involved one of the two cases. Who shot and killed a dolphin that had been working with the Russian Navy? The dolphin washed ashore with a bullet in him. Sam and Roundtree were assigned the case.

The military finds a Russian sailor, who’d fallen off a boat. And yes, he was connected to the dolphin. Turns out, he trained several dolphins for the Russians. But their military opted to get rid of the program. The sailor teared up when he saw the picture of the dead dolphin. Who would kill it? He’d tried to rescue all of them.

Meanwhile, Deeks was kidnapped in the opening scene. He was at the beach. And because it’s Deeks, the kidnapping definitely was relaxed and comical. Turns out that Russian gangster Kirnan, who died on the show last month, had bequeathed his criminal operation to Deeks. Now, that’s a problem for a federal agent.

Kirnan had two Igors working for him. And they wanted to take out each other. Plus, they’d stolen some weapons from Russia. Turns out the “weapons” were the dolphins. Kirnan wanted to free them. But one of his men accidentally killed one.

The NCIS: Los Angeles agents arrested the Russian crew. Then Deeks dumped the dolphin murderer into a shark tank.

Sam Sees His Son Fly Over Head, While Fatima Fills in Her Back Story

Meanwhile, Sam found out where his son Aidan was taking his aviation exam. This was secret information. But as the proud dad, Sam wanted to watch his son fly overhead. He and Callen watched. And Callen told Sam: “You’re a great dad. You live a little crazy life, but when Aiden or Cam need something, you’re just there, like magic.”

Fatima had been in a grouchy mood at the NCIS: Los Angeles office, snapping at everyone, including Roundtree.

But she and Roundtree had a conversation. Fatima confessed that the day, each year, brings her heartache. She was best friends with an actress. The two were at a party and her bestie got drunk and decided to drive. They wrecked. Her best friend died. Fatima told Roundtree that she, too, had been an actress. But she decided to give it all up and change her life.

So, will Nell really leave NCIS: Los Angeles and move to Tokyo? She told everyone they were moving in two weeks. And, where has Hetty been? Is she staying or leaving, too?