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‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Full Recap of Season 13, Episode 2

by Joe Rutland
(Photo: Screen Grab/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved)

When a Japanese American veteran of the Vietnam War is a victim of a hate crime, the “NCIS: Los Angeles” team gets in action Sunday night.

This Season 13 new episode is titled “Fukushu.” Let’s take a look at all the action with help from Celebrity Laundry.

Kilbride, played by Gerald McRaney, calls up the “NCIS: Los Angeles” crew and fills them in. Lieutenant Junior Grade Craig Tanaka was beaten within an inch of his life, Kilbride tells Sam (LL Cool J), Kelsi (Daniela Ruah), Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen), and Roundtree (Caleb Castille).

He tells the team that Tanaka was being prepped for his second surgery. The team asks Kilbride who would do this and he replies someone we’re going to hunt down.

They talk with Jack Tanaka, the man’s son, who was a police detective and he’s been on the LAPD force for 15 years.

All Jack can do is say that he thinks the attack was racially motivated.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Team Find Out Man Had Been Volunteering In Area

Tanaka had been volunteering. His CO said he was a great guy and had a wealth of knowledge about the era.

The veteran was working with a construction company. Lately, he’s been at a place that was attacked when someone threw a brick through the window.

It was a restaurant. Tanaka has been working there for two weeks building cabinetry and both Callen (Chris O’Donnell) and Sam noticed that someone tried painting a wall over. They looked under the paint and the words “Go Home Japs” were there.

It turns out the Vietnam vet painted over it and was going to ignore it when the assault happened. The “NCIS: Los Angeles” team figured the assault might have been an escalation when Tanaka ignored them. A homeless man picked up the paint used in the vandalism. After running prints, it led back to Jason Quinn.

Quinn was a roommate to a guy named Strauss. Strauss’s family owned the diner that Tanaka is helping to renovate.

Veteran’s Son, An LAPD Officer, Took Matters Into His Hands And Beat Up Suspect

Strauss and his buddy Quinn probably followed Tanaka from the restaurant in order for the police not to connect them to the crime. They looked for Quinn and he tried to run but they captured him. He denied attacking Tanaka. He also said he wasn’t there during the beatdown. It was all Strauss and Strauss bragged about beating up the old man.

The team looked for Strauss and they couldn’t find him. A police officer grabs him.

Everyone knew the detective who beat him was Detective Jack Tanaka.

The team arrested Jack. They also got Strauss and his father and arrested them.