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‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Full Recap of Season 13 Episode 6

by Suzanne Halliburton
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Did you watch NCIS: Los Angeles Sunday night? The show teased a nail biter, but it was so much more.

Try both heart-breaking and uplifting with a bomb and some mysterious sniper fire thrown into the mix. So let’s take a dive into Sundown because NCIS: Los Angeles, literally, needed to solve the crime before a late afternoon sunset.

The crime of the day involved a grieving father named Gary who hijacked a city bus and took five hostages to get the attention of the police and military. He’d buried Kara, his daughter, two weeks before. She was a former Marine who committed suicide.

Here’s her backstory. She supposedly fell asleep while on guard duty in the Middle East. Insurgents were able to break into the base and steal a cache of weapons. Kara felt responsible. She received a less-than-honorable discharge.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Agents Needed to Figure Out if Kara Was Responsible

Gary believed someone framed his daughter, then killed her. The agents from NCIS: Los Angeles needed to find out what really happened to the daughter. The LAPD SWAT team was on the scene, but Sam (LL Cool J) offered to negotiate with Gary. But Gary wasn’t giving them much time. He was using a bomb with a dead man’s trigger. He threatened to set off the bomb if his daughter wasn’t cleared by sundown.

So this is how NCIS: Los Angeles solved the case. Sam finally got Gary to trust him enough to start negotiations. He told Gary that he was sending in Rountree. But there was a catch. He told Gary that Rountree was a newspaper reporter who would interview him for his story. Rountree’s main assignment was to check out the bomb Gary had on the bus.

Meanwhile, the NCIS: Los Angeles agents interviewed Gary’s wife back at the office. She brought Kara’s journal she kept while in therapy. The journal mentioned a name with a question mark. Fatima was able to trace the name to a local HVAC company that also was a government contractor in the Middle East.

But another detail was uncovered. The daughter really did buy the gun that was found at her suicide scene. Fatima pulled a photo from a pawn shop’s security camera.

Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) and Callen (Chris O’Donnell) found the HVAC guy. And he confessed that his boss and several others stole the guns off the military base. He’d drugged the daughter. But she woke up before they were finished with the robbery and tried to fight them off. But she still was too out of it to be effective.

Now, back at the bus. Sam told Gary that they’d confirmed the daughter took her own life. A crushed Gary told the hostages and Rountree to leave the bus. He was staying on the vehicle and setting off the bomb. Then someone started peppering the bus with bullets. Using LAPD shields, Rountree and Sam got Gary off the bus and to safety just before the bomb blew.

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Callen found the sniper on top of a nearby building. Kensi shot him. He was the HVAC owner and the mastermind behind the gun theft.

The NCIS: Los Angeles episode ended on an uplifting note. The Navy changed the daughter’s status, saying she was discharged, honorably. The family received her back pay. And the military paid for a new burial.