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‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Gerald McRaney and Other CBS Actors Reveal Their Favorite ‘Holiday Smells’

by Megan Molseed
Photo: Screen Grab/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

As the holidays fast approach, there are so many things we all look forward to. Let’s face it, it’s hard not to love it all from the festive decorations to our favorite carols, and even the moment the “weather outside is frightful,” because yes, this DOES make the fires so delightful! And, as we learned in a recent Twitter post, one NCIS: Los Angeles star certainly enjoys this part of the season.

Another big component that comes with this wonderful time of year, of course, is always the wonderful smells.

Whether it be the smell of cinnamon simmering on the stove or in a bowl or potpourri; the pie that has just come out of the oven; the cookies cooling on the kitchen counter, or even the smell of the iconic pumpkin spice, we all have our favorite scents that immediately get us into the holiday spirit. And, as NCIS: Los Angeles star Gerald McRaney says, even the smell of pine plays a big part in the holiday season!

A Question For All The ‘Senses’

Recently, the CBS Twitter page asked some of the network’s biggest stars a question that makes a lot of sense – see what we did there? The question? What do the holidays smell like for you?

“Things that make sense: holiday smells,” says the CBS Twitter page in a Friday afternoon Twitter post.

“Not to be NOSY,” @CBS continues in the post. “but what do the holidays smell like for you?”

Included in the December 3 Twitter post was a quick video featuring some of our favorite CBS stars naming their treasured smells from this time of the year.

CBS Stars Name Some Favorite Holday Smells

First up is Annaleigh Ashford who portrays Gina Dabrowski in the CBS sitcom B Positive.

“The holidays smell like nutmeg and cinnamon,” the actress says.

The video then quickly cuts to Young Sheldon star Iain Armitage who agrees with one of Ashrord’s choices, noting that cinnamon is one of his favorite holiday smells. As does his costar, Wyatt McClure.

Wyatt McClure takes it one step further, however, adding the scent of pumpkin to his list.

This is a scent that United States of Al star Parker Young agrees with as he names pumpkin as one of his favorite holiday smells as well.

Young then adds the scent of pine to his list, and Evan Williams, the star of the CBS holiday movie Christmas Takes Flight, agrees with this second item on Young’s list.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Loves Pine and Fireplace Fires

Then, NCIS: Los Angeles star Gerald McRaney notes his favorite smell: pine.

This, of course, fits in perfectly with the other two answers.

The NCIS: Los Angeles star also says the smell of an “oak fire in the fireplace” makes him think about the holiday season.

Other answers included in the Friday afternoon Twitter video clip include gingerbread, the “smell of Colorado,” and peppermint.

Now I’m thinking CBS studios would be the place to be this holiday season!

Sounds like the sets of our favorite television shows may include a variety of holiday smells from pumpkins spice to fresh-cut pine trees or even cozy fires in the fireplace!