‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Gerald McRaney Feels ‘Lucky’ To Be on the Team Full-Time

by Jonathan Howard
Photo: Screen Grab/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

While he has found success almost everywhere he has gone, NCIS: Los Angeles star Gerald McRaney appreciates his full-time role on the team.

Sitting down with New York Live, the actor talked about his role on the show. He also talked about what it means to be back. In the past, McRaney has worked on other shows such as This Is Us. Now he is on the Los Angeles team full-time and ready to bring action and drama to viewers.

When he spoke with the lifestyle show, he was asked about how he felt to be on the show again and have his character be an important member of the team. His answer was humble and simple. There isn’t much fluff about the actor or his characters usually.

“Lucky. That’s how it feels. In 2014 when I did my first one, I thought at the time, ‘This would be a good show to work on full-time.’ Kilbride does things by the book, not that he’s completely inflexible. I think he sees the approach that the office has taken up at this point as being, somewhat, almost frivolous.”

McRaney’s character, Kilbride, is a veteran in the department. He often provides wisdom and advice to his peers. While he is all about doing things by the book and fans know a lot about his work life, there isn’t much else known about him. It is hard to do a backstory as a part-time character. Now, full-time perhaps things will change. Still, even McRaney admits he knows “very little” about his NCIS: Los Angeles character.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ McRaney Doesn’t Know About Kilbride’s Personal Life

He has played the role of Horace Kilbride since 2014. However, Gerald McRaney really doesn’t know much about his character’s personal life. There are few characters that get to take an in-depth dive into their lives outside of work on NCIS: Los Angeles.

In fact, there is only one thing that comes to mind. McRaney and likely most fans, know that Kilbride has been married three times. However, the actor is hoping that his character can get in the field more often. He seems very excited to be back in such a big way.

“I always shave fun doing those things. What was it, the season before last I guess, that they had me actually involved in a fighting scene?” The actor wondered. “That just, even for an old guy like me, sort of loosens up all my creaky joints.”

Mostly an office hang around, when Kilbride gets out in the field, great things happen. McRaney is such a great actor that should be utilized in the field. The NCIS: Los Angeles star is ready for these roles. Getting more action in the field will be interesting. Kilbride might have to dust off those fighting skills just a couple of more times.