‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Hanna and Fatima Have a Powerful Heart to Heart

by Jonathan Howard
Photo: Screen Grab/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

On a new episode of NCIS: Los Angeles it seems that Sam Hanna and Fatima Namazi shared a close heart to heart over a recent crime. It appears that the topic is more of a current event-type crime that many viewers might find familiar.

The scene features Hanna and Fatima entering a cabin. As the two sit down to have a drink and take a rest from fieldwork, they talk about a recent crime. One in which someone sucker-punched an elderly Asian person. Fatima is very quick to call it a hate crime due to the consistency with other attacks in the area. The heaviness of the situation is clear. Watch the clip below.

“Fatima is speaking the truth,” the post caption read. “And we felt it deeply. These are the important conversations we should be having. #NCISLA.”

Throughout the clip, the two start to discuss the details. While Fatima is adamant about how she feels about the case, Hanna reminds her that things need to be worked out more. Then, the two talk about Fatima and her hijab. That puts her at risk for hateful words and people. However, she says she has never experienced what Lieutenant Tanaka has experienced.

There were comments in the replies praising the scene and the emotion they put into the moment. Others felt that the show was doing too much to interject certain real-life instances into the show. Hanna and Fatima continuing their work together have fans interested to see where the storyline is going to go.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Fatima is Going Undercover

Meanwhile, it appears that Fatima along with Kensi will go undercover in next week’s NCIS: Los Angeles episode. Undercover roles can be risky. Blowing your cover could lead to a lot of bad consequences. Add in the fact that they are going undercover with a dangerous arms dealer and things get more intense.

Check out the episode description.

“Sam and Kilbride clash when a case involving an arms dealer responsible for the slaughter of ATF agents leads them to a well-connected colonel and friend of Kilbride; Kensi and Fatima go undercover to question the arms dealer’s girlfriend.”

Season 13 of NCIS: Los Angeles is the latest, in the long run, the show has had. This episode seems to be more action-driven versus last night’s episode that was very emotional and heavy. Fatima and Kensi are taking new identities as they head undercover and try to get as much information as they can about the arms dealer. Will the assignment affect the relationship that Roundtree and Fatima have together? Fans are interested in seeing what becomes of that as well in the new season.