‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Here’s the No. 1 Problem Show Has to Address to Start Season 13

by Madison Miller

With fall seemingly peering around the corner, a new TV season lures right along with it. Joining the fall lineup are all the “NCIS” programs. This includes the original series with Mark Harmon, as well as the “NCIS: Hawai’i,” and “NCIS: Los Angeles” spin-off series.

“NCIS: Los Angeles” is starting its 13th season when it airs soon. At the end of season 12, fans were left with plenty of unanswered questions and “what ifs.” Fans met the infamous sociopath named David Kessler (played by writer and executive producer Frank Military).

You may remember an episode he wrote called “The Monster.” It features an incredibly haunting story in which serial killers would actively piece together their victims’ body parts. At the end of it all, they were walking free.

His criminal character is still out and about, with his threats looming over the “NCIS: Los Angeles” team. He has specifically threatened Special Agent Kensi Blye. The threats have been dark and have had a profound impact on the agent’s life, meaning they surely need to be wrapped up soon.

This sociopath is actually a core part of Kensi’s background, history, and likely her future. They met in season 12, episode 5, “Raising the Dead.” He was an arms dealer and a human trafficker. She put him behind bars and ended up with a fancy job at the Office of Special Projects. She had to confront him again to get the location of an escaped prisoner.

What she ended up getting, however, is far more than she ever bargained for. He knew all about her marriage (even used a phrase Deeks says a lot) and knew that she didn’t have children (although she desperately wants kids).

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Open Investigation

According to TV Insider, now, he’s out on the loose because of a shady executive order for “national security reasons.” His threats from behind bars are now a terrible all-too-possible reality. He said to her, “to be ready to hunt you down, have sex with you, and then kill you, maybe not even in that order.”

Suddenly, her entire life seemed to gravitate around this sociopathic criminal. He vowed to get in her head, and he was doing a spectacular job keeping that promise. She dreams about him and the constant stress caused Kensi and Deeks to take a break in getting pregnant.

Given his pardon and his overall strength, it seems like the “NCIS: Los Angeles” team would have to actively get together to stop his terrorizing.

At this rate, it feels like a negative scenario is just waiting to drop. In some ways, the writers have even gotten into viewer’s heads as they believe it’s only a matter of time until something awful happens.

Even worse, it’s certainly jeopardizing the chances of “NCIS: Los Angeles” fans ever getting the possibility of seeing Kensi and Deeks with adorable children.