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‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: How Daniela Ruah Tries to Bring Life to Kensi Through ‘Partnership’ With Writers

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

NCIS: Los Angeles is still thriving on CBS and a lot of that has to do with the excellent writing paired with the excellent acting. Just ask Daniela Ruah, who stars on the show as Kensi, why her character and the show’s format works so well.

From an interview with Pep Television back in 2015, Ruah said, “That’s something that you kind of do in partnership with the writers: it’s their job to give the character obstacles and goals, and it’s my job to make them real. I try to make her [Kensi] as human as possible. I want her to react to things as much as I would, or human beings would. So I think the development of characters is very much teamwork.”

Daniela Ruah gets it. This is an overlooked point about working on a television show, especially one as popular as NCIS: Los Angeles. It is easy for writers to give characters things to do on a program, but they need the actors to bring their stories to life. Not only that, they need them to flourish. They need to work well with one another. Ruah understands this, so she makes a concerted effort to ensure the writers’ idea for Kensi is what she brings to the small screen.

We do not think of the teamwork aspect involved in creating a television show.

Daniela Ruah and the Future of Her Character

In the same interview, Ruah also spoke out about the days that she truly loves on set. While filming the action sequences are incredible, it’s the days that the whole bunch is working together that Ruah truly finds the best.

How close is the cast on set of NCIS: Los Angeles? Ruah says, “I think the funnest days are when everybody is there, when the whole cast is there, when we’re shooting the scenes, like in the bull pen. The way we bond is when they’re moving the cameras around, or when we have a few minutes break when they’re doing something technical.”

There is clearly a great on-set bond between the cast and the writers of the program. Because this show has worked for so long, it is no surprise to see a lot of that is thanks to the vibe not only between the cast members but also the writers, too. It is a family atmosphere, which is nice for Ruah who is also a full-time mom. NCIS: Los Angeles is currently in its 13th season on CBS.