‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: How Much Longer Will the Show Be on Hiatus?

by Lauren Boisvert

It’s been a long 6 weeks without “NCIS: Los Angeles.” A look back into the time capsule tells us that the previous episode, “A Land of Wolves,” aired on January 9, and we’ve been without our beloved agents ever since. But, fear not, “NCIS: Los Angeles” is returning this week, on February 27.

We have synopses for three upcoming episodes airing on Feb. 27, March 6, and March 13. Coming up first, “Under the Influence” the team helps a U.S. Ambassador find her missing daughter. Additionally, Agent Aliyah De Leon returns for support on the case.

Next on “Where Loyalties Lie,” a civilian scientist working with the Marines is killed and her technology stolen. The NCIS team rushes to find the missing tech and solve the murder. Lastly, the episode “All the Little Things” follows Kensi and Deeks when they find a newborn aboard a Navy ship. The two must rush to find the mother before she dies of complications following the birth.

So, it looks like “NCIS: Los Angeles” is coming back with a bang. There’s going to be another hiatus in March due to NCAA basketball, but it most likely will not be as long as the Olympics hiatus. Hopefully these episodes are enough to make up for the long time away.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Familiar Faces and the Possibility of Children?

In the upcoming March 13 episode of “NCIS: Los Angeles,” there’s more than just a mystery. Nate Getz also returns and learns some interesting information from Kilbride. This is sure to be interesting; the last time Nate showed up was in 2017. Apparently, he’s going to learn about a secret CIA project involving children from the 60s and 70s.

Additionally, Deeks and Kensi are continuing their quest to adopt a child. After Kensi was rescued in “A Land of Wolves,” they considered adopting Rosa, the young woman who Kensi was rescued with. Now, they’re going to find a baby on a Navy ship. Could this be the answer to their prayers? If the baby’s mother dies before they can find her, Deeks and Kensi could adopt the child, barring it having any other family. Are they going to go the traditional route, through an adoption agency? Or are they just going to stumble upon a baby on a boat somewhere? My money is on the latter, and I wouldn’t expect anything less from those two.

Also, this episode is bringing back Callen’s girlfriend, Anna, as well as Zasha, the Russian. The secondary plot is going to bring the focus back to Callen and Hetty’s relationship, and the CIA project that Hetty ran. So, we’re jumping head first back into that drama. Will Linda Hunt get a cameo on her old show? Nothing has been said about Hunt returning, so until we hear otherwise, we believe she’s firmly off the show for now.