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‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Kensi and Deeks Make Important Step to Parenthood

by Suzanne Halliburton
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Most of Sunday’s NCIS: Los Angeles episode involved a grieving father willing to do anything to clear his daughter’s name.

But there was a parenting theme touching other story lines. The NCIS: Los Angeles episode opened with a very anxious Kensi (Daniela Ruah) and chill husband Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) checking out potential parents going into a class about adoption tips.

The couple started bantering as Kensi peered through her binoculars.

“What about that couple, right there, they look like trouble,” Kensi told her husband. Deeks, playing along, said “Define trouble.”

“Are you kidding me, they’re textbook overachievers,” Kensi said. “Look at those clothes, who are they trying to impress?”

Then Deeks attempted to tamp down on Kensi’s stress. “Today is just an informational session and it’s just another couple interested in adoption.”

Deeks continued: “Listen, babe, I know our lives are not the normal lives of adoptive parents. But I can guarantee you one thing, these people that you’re looking at, they are not nearly as perfect as you imagine.” He pointed out that one of the people is a “flat earther.”

NCIS: Los Angeles received a case and notified Kensi and Deeks. Kensi decided to attend the adoption class, while Deeks headed back to the office for a briefing with Kilbride (Gerald McRaney).

The couple really wants to adopt a child. But the professional life the two lead as NCIS agents/investigators keeps interfering. That point really came across as Kensi’s phone buzzed with notifications as she listened to a woman broke down the adoption process. Kensi explained all the alerts by saying her aunt was in the hospital. But then Kensi really needed to get back to the office, so she exclaimed that her aunt had taken a turn for the worse.

Throughout season 13, Kensi and Deeks have talked about the adoption process. Kensi asked Hetty to be a reference on their adoption application. In another episode, the two revealed that they were open to adopt a child from a different race. Then Deeks even pondered about whether they should adopt a child when he listened to a young woman talk about how her dad died when she was 11.

So did the two make a decision about their family in this NCIS: Los Angeles episode? Probably.

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Remember the conversation Deeks had with Callen (Chris O’Donnell)? Callen, after all, lost both his parents as a child and grew up in the foster system. Hetty found him in juvenile detention and placed him on a path to the CIA and eventually, NCIS: Los Angeles.

So Callen tells Deeks: “Speaking as a foster kid, I would have killed for parents like you and Kenz.”

And as the episode ended, Deeks and Kensi talked again about adoption. Maybe they’ll still go through with it. But it looks like Callen got through to them. They’ve decided to be foster parents. So stay tuned.