‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Kilbride Faces a Dilemma in Upcoming Episode

by Michael Freeman
Photo: Screen Grab/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The third episode of NCIS: Los Angeles’ latest season saw Kilbride at a bit of a crossroads. When a friend of his turns out to be into illegal dealings, Kilbride faces a dilemma no one would ever want.

The Cinemaholic provided a rundown of episode three of the latest season, as well as episode four which debuts on Halloween. We last saw Kilbride in a bind as his friend turned out to be dealing illegal weapons. Callen tries to make Kilbride see the correct side of the law, but Kilbride’s friend is a big fish. Possessing a plethora of social and political influence, Callen looking out for Kilbride becomes a difficult endeavor.

So, how will Kilbride move forward after being in a bind? Enlisting NCIS to help him, they search together for a vehicle filled with weapons. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worst when their biggest suspect turns up dead. Being the person who would have sold the guns, NCIS hits a wall with the investigation.

Torn between doing what is right and being there for a friend, it’ll be interesting to see how Kilbride’s storyline wraps up this time around.

Kilbride Actor Gerald McRaney Doesn’t Know Much About his Character’s Personal Life

With the chaos transpiring in Kilbride’s life, one might think we could turn to his actor for character insight. However, that’s not necessarily the case, with Gerald McRaney reporting he knows “very little” about Kilbride’s personal life.

Speaking to TVInsider in a recent interview, McRaney reported knowing “Very little, other than he’s been married a few times,” about Kilbride’s personal life. An enigma even to the actor portraying him, the character is certainly mysterious. McRaney does say he hopes his character takes to the field a bit more though. The latest episodes seem to suggest he will and McRaney is all for it.

“I hope so,” he stated. “Because I always have fun doing those things. What was it, the season before last I guess, that they had me actually involved in a fighting scene? That just, even for an old guy like me, sort of loosens up all the creaky joints.”

Along those lines, McRaney believes you’ll be seeing more of his character. The reasons are numerous, but one of them is “Because Hetty was the one who brought him in ages and ages ago on a particular case,” the actor stated. “So he and Hetty are old friends-slash-rivals. They have their disagreements and stuff. But when Hetty needed him. He came in.”

Additionally, writers feel Kilbride adds an interesting dynamic of conflict between him and Hetty. The two can disagree with one another while still being respectful. McRaney also believes “They’re just writing good stuff for me,” which is as good a reason as any for keeping him on board.