‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star LL Cool J Shows Off Intense Boxing Moves in New Clip

by Anna Dunn

LL Cool J, famous rapper and actor who stars in NCIS: Los Angeles, just showed off his boxing moves on Instagram. In an intense clip, LL Cool J hits the gym. While his show’s on hiatus, LL Cool J’s been posting interesting tidbits of his life online.

The caption of the post simply reads “#FBF me and scoots.”

LL Cool J’s NCIS: Los Angeles co-stars were quick to cheer him on.

“I bet none of these influencer gonna call YOU out sheeeesh,” co-star Caleb Castille said in a comment. Castille is likely referencing Logan Paul’s recent jab at Mike Tyson.

“I feel sorry for the man holding the bag,” Fatima Namazi actress Medalion Rahimi wrote.

The NCIS: Los Angeles cast is particularly close, with many of them working long hours together for over a decade.

LL Cool J Once Helped an ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Co-Star Quiet His Screaming Baby in a Hilarious Way

Even screaming infants aren’t immune to LL Cool J’s charm. At a house party for NCIS: Los Angeles star Daniela Ruah, Eric Christian Olsen’s baby wouldn’t stop crying. Thankfully, LL Cool J worked his magic.

“One time, I was at Dani’s housewarming party,” Olsen said in a 2015 cast interview. “And it was the witching hour, so Wyatt was crying. I was in a back room, and you know that little dance you do with the baby?”

Olsen was doing a calming dance with his son for over an hour before LL Cool J came to the rescue.

“So I’m holding the baby and he’s crying his eyes out, and LL walks in and goes… ‘It’s all love, man, it’s all love!’… And the baby stops crying! So I’m going ‘wait wait, come back!” he laughed.

LL Cool J is Infamously Multitalented

LL Cool J has been on NCIS: Los Angeles since its beginning in 2009. His endearing and nuanced work as an actor is coupled with his legendary music career. It’s hard to figure out how he has time to do both. LL Cool J has released thirteen studio albums and has won two grammy awards.

He’s also the first-ever rapper to receive the Kennedy Center Honors. This year, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for his work and was given an award for Musical Excellence. His breakout single, I Need a Beat garnered mainstream attention. Since then, he’s been performing both musically and as an actor on screen.

With the exception of Barret Foa and Renee Felice Smith, LL Cool J, and the rest of the NCIS: Los Angeles cast will be back with another season this fall.