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‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Medalion Rahimi Shares Behind-the-Scenes Pic from Upcoming Episode of New Show

by Anna Dunn
“A Land of Wolves” – The NCIS team scrambles to find Kensi, when she is attacked and kidnapped by a mysterious militia group while helping a group of migrants cross the border, on the CBS Original series NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Sunday, Jan. 9 (9:30-10:30 PM, ET/9:00-10:00 PM, PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+.* Pictured (L-R): Medalion Rahimi (Special Agent Fatima Namazi). Photo: Screen Grab/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

NCIS: Los Angeles star Medalion Rahimi just shared a set of behind-the-scenes photos from an upcoming episode of a new show she’s in. Rahimi is on NCIS: Los Angeles full time. However, she did have some time to have a small appearance as Danielle in Hulu’s Pam and Tommy.

“get in bed with us for an all new episode of @pamandtommyonhulu tomorrow! photo courtesy of @nilesstyles,” the actress wrote on her Instagram account.

Fans were quick to congratulate the NCIS: Los Angeles star on her guest role. Pam and Tommy has been a huge topic of conversation. It’s become a pretty popular show. It follows the aftermath of when Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s sex tape that they took during their honeymoon got leaked to the public.

Her character, Danielle, is linked to the electrician who originally stole the sex tape. When Medalion Rahimi initially announced her involvement in the show, fans were surprised but very happy for her.

But Pam and Tommy has also drawn some controversy. Pamela Anderson herself did not sign off on the project, and did not want it made. Rahimi, of course, being a smaller actor, was obviously not in charge of any decision-making on that end.

This isn’t Medalion Rahimi’s first time getting roles outside of NCIS: Los Angeles, either. She’s also had roles in She’s in Portland and From Scratch since joining NCIS: Los Angeles in 2019.

Why Medalion Rahimi Thinks its ‘Nice’ To Play Fatima on ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’

Just because Rahimi is getting involved in other projects, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s going to be leaving NCIS: Los Angeles. In fact, she really seems to enjoy her role as Fatima Namazi on the show. Previous roles have really stereotyped her. But she feels she gets to play a fully fleshed human being on NCIS: Los Angeles.

“A lot of the times, I’ve gone up for a lot of Muslim roles just because I’m Iranian and I’m technically Muslim, but spiritual in my own way,” she said in an interview with Film Forums. “But a lot of them have been to play spies or terrorists or mentally ill persons. It’s nice to finally have a role where I’m a real person, a real person on the good side of things, allowing Muslims to define themselves without a Western agenda smacked onto it.”

If you want to catch the next episode of NCIS: Los Angeles and see Medalion Rahimi as Fatima Namazi, you can tune in to CBS when the show returns on Sunday, February 27th.