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‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Paints Hilarious Picture of an ‘Alternate Universe’

by Suzanne Halliburton
CBS, 2021

NCIS: Los Angeles is on an NFL/Olympics induced hiatus. So what to do with all those endless days with no Callen, Sam, Deeks, Kensi, et al?

Well, the show’s social media team has a suggestion for all those avid, but anxious NCIS: Los Angeles fans. Check out the latest Instagram post. And note, you’ll have to rely on your imagination for this one.

Here’s the caption: “Alternate universe where the team members are YouTubers: Who are you subscribing to??”

And you’ll probably notice that’s a snap of Chris O’Donnell, aka G Callen, if Callen was a social media influencer. As anyone who watches NCIS: Los Angeles knows, no one calls him by his first name. He’s mostly an initial guy. But spoiler alert, G stands for Grisha.

Not Your Imagination: It Really Has Been a Long NCIS: Los Angeles Drought

It seems like it’s been months and months since the last time we saw a new episode of NCIS: Los Angeles. That’s because the holidays and then the NFL kept it off the airwaves. There have been two new episodes in 2022, with the last one coming Jan. 9.

Before that, NCIS: Los Angeles hadn’t been a new episode since Nov. 21, the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

CBS intended to broadcast a double feature of the series, Jan. 23. But the network got the late game of the AFC divisional playoffs. That left open only an hour in Sunday primetime. So the network ran the first hour of an NCIS: Hawai’i two-parter. The rookie show pulled in almost 10 million viewers.

Stay Tuned: Next New Episode Set for Feb. 27

But rest assured, CBS hasn’t forgotten about NCIS: Los Angeles. The next new episode is Feb. 27. That’s why the show’s social media account is trying to keep fans engaged. So why not toss out a photo of G Callen. The character has a fascinating side story for season 13. Way back in the season 13 premiere, Callen figured out that Hetty ran a CIA program that targeted foster children to see if the kids could be good spies. Hetty discovered Callen that way. But there probably are several more Callens out there, given how many files Callen found.

In the Jan. 2 episode, “Lost Soldier Down,” Callen tracked down a woman Hetty may have mentored. As the hour ended, Callen asked her out for dinner. O’Donnell wasn’t in the Jan. 9 episode, “A Land of Wolves.” Instead, Aliyah de León, a friend of Sam’s (LL Cool J) subbed in. She’ll also be in the next new episode.

Meanwhile, the NCIS: Los Angeles social media team did slip in a tease for the next new episode. In “Under the Influence,” the team is looking for a kidnapped woman who is a social media influencer.

With NCIS: Los Angeles on such an extended hiatus, fans are starting to grow antsy, wondering if season 13 will be the (unlucky) final one.

And Eric Christian Olsen (Deeks) didn’t help calm the nerves. On New Year’s Eve, Olsen dropped a photo of Deeks on his Instagram page. He did so to promote an upcoming episode. However, beware of hashtags. He used a dozen of them, including #thefinalseason?

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