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‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: ‘Race’ Between Kensi and Deeks is Why Fans Love Their Relationship

by Shelby Scott
Photo: Screen Grab/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The “NCIS” franchise is CBS‘s most successful crime drama across the network. “NCIS” and its spinoffs, “NCIS: Los Angeles” and rookie show “NCIS: Hawai’i,” embrace adrenaline-rushing plots. However, they also feature a host of humorous subplots and character interactions.

Now, the latest episode of “NCIS: Los Angeles” features a race between characters Kensi and Deeks. The moments leading up to the race epitomize why fans love their relationship in the first place. Check out the comical interaction below.

Their race is inspired when the pair discusses a witness’s potential sighting of two suspects. Supposedly, the pair scales the nearby hill and launches themselves somewhere across the highway. Intel provides the investigators information as to where the suspects went, but not where they headed after scaling the hill.

“Well, then we should probably run up that hill,” Deeks proposes. “Why do we need to run up the hill?” Kensi replies. After more comical exchange, Kensi says, “Running is silly ’cause you’re a SUCKER.” From there, the investigator takes off ahead of Deeks, the latter releasing a comically frustrated sigh.

Additionally, the Twitter post asked fans to place their bets on who would win the race. Unfortunately for Deeks, “NCIS: Los Angeles” fans almost unanimously voted for Kensi, several attributing the win to the fact that she’s a cheater followed by several 😂 emojis.

Fair warning for Deeks in the next race? Don’t wait for Kensi to reason with you.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Episode Touches on Contemporary Social Issues

While fans adore Deeks and Kensi’s relationship on “NCIS: Los Angeles,” we can’t forget the basis of the show. Therefore, the most recent episode ran high with emotions, touching on social issues related racism.

The victim at the center of the plot is a Japanese-American Vietnam veteran who suffers at the hands of a hate crime. And while emotions run high for the “NCIS: Los Angeles” team as a whole, the case strikes home specifically for Fatima as a Muslim woman.

Within the episode and following the crime, she tells Sam Hanna, “I’m sick of the hate on the streets right now.” She goes on to detail unspeakable things people have shouted at her in recent years as she wears her hijab in public.

Nevertheless, “NCIS: Los Angeles” showrunners have purposely confronted these issues as ethnic groups across the country have begun making movements surrounding problems like these. Show-runners and cast members alike had to take care, however, in approaching these issues and navigating them on the show with sensitivity.

Although, CBS‘s efforts to approach such contemporary social problems is admirable nonetheless. Hopefully, in addressing them within “NCIS: Los Angeles,” it inspires individuals to speak out on current problems regularly.