‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Renee Felice Smith Celebrates Parents’ 45th Anniversary with Touching Photos

by Suzanne Halliburton
CBS ©2021

NCIS: Los Angeles fans still would love it if Nell Jones returned.

But as the show continues with season 13, Renee Felice Smith is living her best life. And on Sunday, she celebrated the relationship of her seemingly ageless parents.

Smith posted: “Happy anniversary to my makers. 40 plus 5. that’s nutty! enjoy it, kids.” And her photo gallery included snaps of her mother and father.  

NCIS: Los Angeles fans still are attached to Nell, the intelligence analyst who was on the show since season two. But Smith and Barrett Foa, who portrayed Eric, left the show in the season 12 finale, A Tale of Two Igors. The couple decided to move to Tokyo and start their own security firm. But first, Nell needed Hetty (Linda Hunt) to give her blessings. Hetty did and off they went. The two rode into the sunset in Eric’s very expensive sportscar.

Presumably, the door is open for either character to return to the show, but nobody knows for sure.

Meanwhile, after season 12 ended, Smith enjoyed a lovely, carefree summer. She posted numerous photos of her adventures, many of which were back home in New York. She spent Labor Day in the state, sharing photos from Silly Lily Fishing Station, which is on the south shore of Long Island, NY. The station says that “summer is always just around the corner at Silly Lily.”

In May, Smith discussed her reasons for leaving NCIS: Los Angeles in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“The door will always remain open for Nell at NCIS, but right now, it’s time for Nell to really explore her next adventure,” Smith told ET. “Nell is a smart girl. And she’s chosen stability for a good long time because it was the smart choice. But now she’s really questioning what she wants. And I commend her for being brave enough to even consider that line of questioning.

“It’s truly difficult when you work with people you love who have become your family, who become so much more than your co-workers,” said the former NCIS: Los Angeles star. “I do commend Nell for stepping into her power and really making a decision to serve herself rather than people-please and to serve others. It’s quite commendable.”

And season 13 continues without Nell. In the premiere, we discovered that Hetty probably did “create” Callen (Chris O’Donnell). Callen finds some old files maintained by Hetty. He discovered that he was “Subject 17.” Hetty apparently ran a program that identified future spies among foster children. She tested Callen back when he was in middle school, far earlier than Callen remembered meeting her. So Kilbride (Gerald McRaney) was correct. Hetty probably did have a hand in creating him.

Hetty now is off in Syria. Callen got a Russian asset to spy on her while she’s there. And Kilbride is running the show back in LA.