‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Renee Felice Smith Drops Pics of Her ‘Clique’ After Recently Leaving Series

by Anna Dunn

NCIS: Los Angeles had to say goodbye to Nell actress Renee Felice Smith this year, but thankfully for her fans, her Instagram’s still as great as ever. The actress just posted an adorable photo of her dogs, calling them her “clique.”

The photo shows off three happy looking dogs taking a powernap on her floor.

It’s no secret that Smith loves dogs. She co-write a book, Hugo and The Impossible Thing, with her partner Chris Gabriel. The book was inspired by her own French Bulldog, Hugo, who overcame a life threatening illness. Tragically, Hugo is not pictured here. He passed away from a brain tumor.

“Our hope for the book is that Hugo will inspire readers, young and young at heart, to politely ignore the naysayers and really to set out and conquer their own impossible thing, whatever it may be,” she told The Talk.

Smith Spent a Decade on ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’

Smith got the part of Nell Jones in 2010. While her role on NCIS: Los Angeles was simply supposed to be recurring, she impressed actors with her acting so much that she got the full-time position. Now, after a decade on the show, she’s pursuing other roles.

Smith dedicated most of her time to NCIS: Los Angeles while working on the show. She was a guest on The Price is Right in 2017 and had a small role in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. She also was an executive producer and actress for the film The Relationtrip, which won in the Dallas International Film Festival’s Grand Jury Prize for Narrative Feature Competition.

One Co-Star Posted A Heartfelt Goodbye to Smith

Kensi Blye actress Daniela Ruah made a touching Instagram post saying goodbye to Renee Felice Smith and Barret Foa, who both left this year.

“Sweet @reneefelicesmith your ability to creatively and truthfully tell a story is unmatched,” Ruah wrote. “Your chutzpah & humility, encouragement & friendship made the last 11 years even better. I love you, I admire you and I will be applauding every new venture that comes your way.”

While some actors need to make the choice to depart their current jobs. The decision can’t be easy. Smith will join The Talk to discuss her next steps.

Smith Saw Herself in Nell’s Departure

On the Show, Eric and Nell left for Tokyo so Eric could further develop his tech company. Smith saw a lot of similarities in Nell’s departure with her own.

“It is reflective of my own journey and my own life,” she said “So, to be able to step forward and say, “You know what, this is the path I want to take now and I’ll potentially disappoint people while doing it, I commend Nell for her bravery in that.”

Smith plans to focus on honing her skills as a writer, actor, and director elsewhere. NCIS: Los Angeles, meanwhile, will continue on. Season 13 will premiere this fall.