NCIS: Los Angeles Renewed by CBS for Season 13

by Anna Dunn

Good news, NCIS: LA fans! CBS has renewed the beloved procedural for a Season 13. This renewal has come right on the heels of the NCIS renewal last week. Given the cancellation of NCIS: New Orleans earlier this year, many fans worried that NCIS: LA would meet the same fate. Out of the 14 current dramas on CBS, NCIS: LA places #4 in their demo and #7 overall in the ratings.

The announcement comes along with a reminder that CBS has also picked up a new NCIS spinoff, NCIS: Hawaii. The Aloha-state-based show makes another exciting addition to the NCIS lineup, and fans are already speculating about who will be cast.

“My day is already better now,” One twitter user replied, with many other people echoing that sentiment. Needless to say, fans are thrilled.

What’s Next for NCIS: LA

Meanwhile, season 12 of NCIS: LA is still wrapping up. In an interview with Matt Weiss, Chis O’Donnell, who plays Callen, weighed in on what fans can expect from the season finale.

“Every year is a little different. Sometimes we have the gnarly cliffhangers. Sometimes we have more feel-good episodes. I think the fans will be pleased.” He said. “We’re just finishing up the season finale right now, but it’s been an unusual season and the fans have been through a lot. I think that they’ll be pleased with the way we wrap it up.”

For many NCIS fans, the show is a form of escapism, and O’Donnell also acknowledged that as well. “I feel like we’re doing our part. It is escapism for people, and we all have certain things in life that is comfort food or it’s a security blanket or it’s something that just gives us a sense of normal life. Having fresh episodes for the audience, even with the extra lengths we had to go to produce is a great feeling.”

And luckily for O’Donnell, he can continue doing that work and giving audiences comfort with a whole new season of fresh episodes coming out soon. For fans who look to NCIS: LA for escapism from their day-to-day, this is a fun way to start the weekend.

In the meantime, you can catch up on episodes of NCIS: LA on Paramount plus. The show continues on Sunday, May 2nd on CBS. It’ll be an episode where the team hunts the tech that created a deep-fake video of a deceased terrorist. The finale of NCIS: LA will air on May 23rd.