‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Should We Be Worried Hetty Is Leaving Again After Last Night’s New Episode?

by Madison Miller

How many more popular characters leaving can the fans of the “NCIS” franchise handle? Hopefully, “NCIS: Los Angeles” is spared.

Recently, Mark Harmon signed out as his character Gibbs. Now, Gibbs is off spending time fishing in Alaska, no longer stressing about the world of special agents and crime-solving.

Over on “NCIS: Los Angeles,” fans are worried that popular character Hetty Lange may be leaving the show for a bit. It’s a bit different, however, when it comes to Linda Hunt and her Hetty character.

Over the years, or the 13 seasons to be exact, the popular “NCIS: Los Angeles” character has made this into a habit. Hetty appears as iconic as ever, then disappears shortly after that. It’s a character trait at this point.

Hetty and Her Presence on ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’

Despite being a series regular, Linda Hunt doesn’t even appear in the majority of the show’s episodes. Just as always, fans saw as Hetty left for yet another mission in the series premiere, “Subject 17.” This time she’s headed back to Syria to clean up a mess she left behind. As always, the writers will figure out a way to work her back into the plot eventually.

When it comes to mystery, Hetty is shrouded in it. We never exactly know what she’s up to, a part of that is left up for interpretation or for writers to pick apart at another time. It’s part of her greatest appeal, after all.

Last season, Hetty was only seen via virtual pop-ins while she was on her secret mission. She only appeared in the season finale in order to say goodbye to Nell Jones face-to-face.

Despite Hetty being gone, “NCIS: Los Angeles” manages to have an engaging show with a somewhat sporadic cast list at times. For example, Gerald McRaney became a series regular during the summer.

As for being worried about Hetty leaving once again, fans should probably just rest assured. It’s Hetty, after all. She isn’t leaving the show for good but could be gone for a long period of time once again.

Show Honors Late Set Decorator

At the end of the season 13 series premiere, fans were reunited with Hetty (although briefly) as well as Callen, Deeks, Kensi, and the rest of the “NCIS: Los Angeles” crew.

The episode also ended with a tribute to the longtime crew member Michele Poulik. A dedication credit said, “In loving memory of Michele Poulik, whose smile, presence, and laughter, lit up every day.”

According to Deadline, she was the set decorator for the show for years. She started all the way back in 2009. She sadly passed away after a long battle with cancer in August. Poulik was a massive part of the “NCIS” world and helped made the spinoff as successful as it continues to be today.