‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Moment Shows Exactly Why Sam Hanna is the Man

by Amy Myers
Photo: Screen Grab/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

NCIS: Los Angeles Special Agent Sam Hanna might play by the rules, but that doesn’t mean he has to be nice about it. During the Season 13 premiere, Hanna demonstrated his quick thinking and no-nonsense attitude when he and his partner, Special Agent G. Callen, met with a rogue CIA agent, Joelle Taylor. After working with Taylor in the past, both NCIS agents knew they would have their hands full when they reached their meeting place at the boathouse. Already, the two had figured out that Taylor had faked her own death. Through her family’s social media, they finally tracked down a way to contact her and convince her to cooperate.

However, their troubles still weren’t over. Once the three reached the boathouse, they had to disarm the impulsive Taylor, who pulled a gun on the duo. And that wasn’t even the worst of it. Quickly closing in on them was a group of six Russian criminals who had followed Taylor. In order to elude the gunmen, the three had to take an alternative route out of the boathouse, meaning they were going for a swim. But first, Special Agent Hanna had to “help” Taylor into the water.

Check out what happens in the clip below.

Just as Taylor claimed that she would rather “face the Russians” than get “typhoid fever,” Hanna so generously shoves the rogue agent into the water.

“You’re welcome,” he said pointedly.

After the two NCIS: Los Angeles agents pulled Taylor out from the other end of the pier, they shared a totally warranted fist bump before proceeding to the getaway car. Callen took a moment to slash the tires of the gunmen’s cars, ensuring themselves a safe exit from the area.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Stars Share Hilarious Banter in Latest Clip

There are few things that NCIS: Los Angeles Special Agent Sam Hanna loves more than his car. And can you blame him?

He takes good care of his Dodge Hellcat, so when Taylor began wringing out her hair in the backseat on their way to retrieve her hostage, Hanna let her know the rules of riding in his car.

“Hey, hey, not in the Hellcat!” he exclaimed as water splattered all over the interior.

The rogue CIA agent argued that Hanna had pushed her into the water. Fair, but as Callen quickly added, they wouldn’t have been in the situation if Taylor hadn’t led the Russian gunmen right to their location.

But like always, Taylor wasn’t finished saying her piece yet. She chastised the two NCIS: Los Angeles agents for making her get her prosthetic leg wet. She threatened to send a bill to the unit if she needs to have it repaired.

That’s when Hanna had enough of her nonsense, telling her that she would have to pay to have the Hellcat detailed.

Not surprisingly, we’re with the NCIS agent on this one.