‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Sneak-Peek Photo of Season 13 Tweeted by Crew Member

by Matthew Memrick

A “NCIS: Los Angeles” show producer Tweeted a sneak-peak photo of the Season 13 episode last week.

Show producer Rick Tunell’s early-morning, second-day shot contained metal boats besides what looked to be a lake or pond. He labeled the photo: “Episode #1303, Indentured”. Day#2.”

The UK Express said that the cast and crew regularly update fans with how filming is going after the show’s COVID-19 production hiatus ended.

Former college football standout Caleb Castille shared a hilarious montage of clips from the set on his Instagram. At the same time, fellow show actor Medalion Rahimi showed fans what it would look like if her character stepped into Hetty’s shoes.

But Tunell took his social media strategy further. His latest update had more clues about how the “NCIS: Los Angeles” production was going and how the show is filming the third episode. 

Another Chris O’Donnell fan Twitter account also posted on the same day as Tunell. It reportedly found out the second “NCIS: Los Angeles” episode’s name, “Fukushu.”

The account also mentioned that the episode has the grandson of the legendary Sean Connery as a guest star.

Eric Christian Olsen Having Fun on Set

Two weeks ago, Eric Christian Olsen posted on social media about the show’s first day (July 15) of Season 13 show production.

On a CBS Twitter account posting, Olsen appeared in a facemask with another masked director.

“Tell us more about your first scene,” Olsen jokingly asks the director. 

“Oh my God,” the director responds. “You’re gonna love it but I can’t say. It’s gonna be a stormy — dark and stormy night.”

Both men attempt to be coy about the season.

The director talks about chaos and things exploding before Olsen interrupts.

“Deeks comes in shirtless,” Olsen adds. “Tell us more.”  

Twitter fans responded with delight to that teasing joke.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Cast Member Shakeups? 

Though Season 13’s production schedule is already into the third episode, question marks still abound over the cast.

In June, show producers announced that TV show veteran Gerald McRaney was made a series regular. McRaney recently worked in the Netflix series “House of Cards” and the NBC series “This Is Us.”

Deadline.com reported that McRaney plays retired Adm. Hollis Kilbride, who advises the NCIS: Los Angeles Special Projects unit during undercover operations. 

With McRaney’s promotion, fans learned of the departures of Renée Felice Smith and Barrett Foa. Smith played intelligence agent Nell Jones while Foa portrayed technical consultant Eric Beale.

Like Matt and Jess TV Commentary, some have speculated that the moves also mean that the characters portrayed by Castille and Rahimi will get more screen time and plot presence in the new season. 

“NCIS: Los Angeles” returns to action in October in its 9 p.m. Sunday timeslot.