‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Some Fans Worry This Could Be the Last Season of the Show

by Anna Dunn

Some NCIS: Los Angeles fans are worrying that this will be the last season of the show. The show is the first ever NCIS spinoff and is on its 13th season. But why are fans worried that season 13 will be it’s last?

Apparently, the ratings haven’t held up well in comparison to how they did last year, not to mention, fans haven’t been pleased with the past two episodes. While some felt that this weeks episode about a hate crime was well done, other fans are displeased with how writers tackled the difficult subject.

But as far as the ratings two episodes in being a sign the show will get canceled goes, it’s unlikely. The process that goes into canceling shows is quite complex. While it’s not a great sign the ratings have been down, reddit threads and a slight ratings dip aren’t really a cause for alarm.

Still, it’s worth noting that a lot of fans haven’t liked the season so far, especially the last episode.

In the Discussion for Last Episode, ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Fans Were Not Happy

Many fans were not thrilled with the most recent episode. Many felt the writers were unable to handle the sensitive subject. They felt a lot of the speeches came out of nowhere, and Deeks was especially out of character.

“The whole dialogue with Deeks going full patriot with the whole “Greatest Country on Earth” outburst, felt kinda wrong. That didn’t really seem consistent with Deeks character,” one fan wrote in the Reddit discussion for the episode. “The sudden blurting of extreme nationalism didn’t seem in character to me.”

It was one of the most upvoted comments in the thread. That isn’t a good sign when it comes to how fans felt about Sunday night’s NCIS: Los Angeles episode. People really did like the John character. However, a lot of people disliked how a lot of the subject matter was handled.

One other fan noted that they were worried they were seeing the end of the show after the first two episodes this season. Other fans have expressed confusion about Linda Hunt’s current standing in the series. It appears she’s off on a mission again, and many were hoping to see much more of her this year.

Hopefully the next episode, where Kensi and Fatima go undercover, will make fans a bit happier than the past two. And don’t worry, a couple of rocky episodes or a couple hits in the ratings does not mean a show is doomed. There are still plenty of episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles season 13 left to go.

You can catch NCIS: Los Angeles on Sunday Nights at 9/8 central.