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‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Bar Paly Posts Gorgeous ‘Red, White & Blue’ Swimsuit Pic on Boat

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

NCIS: Los Angeles cast member Bar Paly is a Russian-born, Israeli actress who plays Anna on the popular show.

And in a sizzling photo she posted to Instagram, she was dressed as a very patriotic American. She became a naturalized citizen in 2016, so she probably doesn’t take holidays like the Fourth of July for granted.

Paly sported a red one-piece swimsuit with an officer’s hat, giving the photo a very nautical vibe. And she captioned it:

“Red, White & Blue. Happy Birthday America.”

On NCIS: Los Angeles, Bar Paly plays Anna Kolcheck. She’s the daughter of fan-favorite Arkady Kolcheck. Perhaps most important to the plot, she’s also the girlfriend of Chris O’Donnell’s Callen.

Anna isn’t a permanent cast member of NCIS: Los Angeles. Rather, she’s a recurring, but very important, character. So far, she’s appeared on 25 episodes. Her last appearance on the show this season was the episode The Noble Maidens.

Paly Said Her NCIS: Los Angeles Character Is ‘Extremely Loyal’

Paly described Anna in an interview with Parade:

“I’m really connected to that aspect of her that is extremely loyal to the people she loves, and it’s a very small group of people,” Paly said. “I don’t think she has a lot of friends. She’s very guarded. Again, like I mentioned before, it comes from a place of, if you care for somebody, that’s going to be her weakness. Somebody can use that against her, so I think that’s why she’s guarded. This loyalty in her to those people is something I understand and relate to.”

O’Donnell talked about his character’s relationship with Anna, a freelance NCIS: Los Angeles agent, during an interview earlier this year with TVInsider. If Callen had a Facebook account, his relationship status would be “it’s complicated.” But, he also feels comfortable with Anna because he doesn’t need to hide what he does for a career.

“It’s been hard enough for Callen to get himself to the point where he is ready to take the next step in life,” O’Donnell said of his NCIS: Los Angeles character. “He’s clearly in love with Anna and feels the time is right Unfortunately, the carpet has been pulled out from under him. He’s discovering he might not know the real Anna or [be able to] trust her,” O’Donnell says. Still, “he has to put these questions aside and take care of the business at hand.”

Now, back to the Bar Paly photo. There’s a reason she looks so good in the picture. The NCIS: Los Angeles star also is a model. She’s appeared on the covers of MaximRolling Stone, GQ and the Latin American edition of Esquire.