‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Daniela Ruah Reveals Exciting New Role on Show for Upcoming Season

by Madison Miller

Lucky number season 13 for “NCIS: Los Angeles” is right around the corner. Fans will finally be reunited with Kensi, Deeks, Sam, Henrietta, and Callen on October 10.

Daniela Ruah, who plays Kensi Blye on the show, has been a key part of the cast since the beginning. Her hard-nosed, determined, and complicated personality has drawn in “NCIS” fans for 12 seasons now. Viewers watched along as she displayed her loyalty and compassion for the team. One of the most memorable is when her former partner Dom was killed off on the show.

Now, beyond her role as an NCIS Special Agent, Ruah is taking on an exciting job over at “NCIS: Los Angeles.” She will be directing an episode, possibly more than one episode, for the upcoming season 13. Ruah directed episode seven, “Lost Sailor Down.”

The episode is written by Indira Gibson Wilson and directed by Ruah. She shared the screenshot of her name on the script on Instagram. She excitedly captioned it “End of prep! Let’s go teaaaam!”

Daniela Ruah and Directing ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’

Ruah made her directorial debut with “NCIS: Los Angeles” this last season. She directed the 11th episode of the season. She opened up about the difficulty of directing, especially during COVID-19, which impacts the filming process entirely.

There were fewer people allowed in each scene, which means the director had to work around never having the entire cast present at once.

“I had to go back a little bit to see the style we had before. We used to have hundreds of extras and a full scene, visually rich, that’s something we can’t do now. It’s an aesthetic that we have to pretend it exists without showing … Doing it for the first time is interesting, because I have many parameters to work with, which helps me,” Daniela Ruah said to The Herald News in January 2021.

Her move into directing doesn’t signal an end to her acting career. She started acting when she was 16 on the Portuguese soap opera “Jardins Proíbidos.” While acting is her passion, Ruah said directing has always been a path she wanted to delve deeper into.

“It’s a passion I’ve had for a long time, but I never gave it a try out of fear,” she told the news outlet.

As for what to expect going into the fall premiere, some familiar faces have left “NCIS: Los Angeles.” Eric Beale, played by Barrett Foa, the team’s onetime tech operator that became a rising tech titan, is no longer going to be on the show. Also, leaving with him is the intelligence analyst Nell Jones, played by Renée Felice Smith.

They rode off in the sunset together in Eric’s shiny sports car.