‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Daniela Ruah Vacations in Idaho with Co-Star Eric Christian Olsen and Family

by Madison Miller

Even while on vacation, Daniela Ruah can’t escape her “NCIS: Los Angeles” co-star, Eric Christian Olsen.

As it turns out, she married into the Olsen family. Ruah is with David Olsen, the older brother and stunt double of Eric Christian Olsen. The couple has two kids together — River and Sierra.

Now, all of them are on one big, happy family vacation in Idaho.

She shared a snapshot of David standing next to his two kids on a rock amidst a gorgeous landscape. Other photos include intense kayaking and some adorable photos of the kids playing with their grandparents. Ruah looks calm and collected.

“And part 2: Idaho with the Olsen Fam. Mountains, lakes, rivers, more grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles and love! It was a good vacation. Batteries recharged!”

Eric Christian Olsen commented eagerly, “Lunch rock!” Even CBS’ Instagram account recognized just how amazing this Idaho vacation is by stating “Dream Vacation Squad.”

Daniela Ruah plays Special Agent Kensi Blye on “NCIS: Los Angeles.”

She will be returning to the popular show for season 13 this fall, but filming has not yet begun. Hence her vacation to Idaho. She will start back up on Monday playing Kensi.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Romantic Relationship

On the show, Daniela Ruah is married to Eric Christian Olsen. In fact, Kensi and Deeks are one of the most popular couples of the entire franchise.

In real life, Eric is Daniela’s brother-in-law.

So, is it ever awkward to have to kiss and play a romantic interest on “NCIS: Los Angeles?”

In a 2015 interview on “The Queen Latifah Show,” Ruah said that it’s all business and professionalism between the two of them.

“I think obvious answer would be ‘yes’, but at the same time we’re so invested in our characters and we’re so interested that the audience that has been following these characters is happy with what’s happening on the show. We’re kinda trying to stay faithful to that more than anything else,” Ruah said.

Everyone in the family understands the acting business. Eric Christian Olsen is also married to an actress, Sarah Wright. “And, you know, [my husband] is in the business and Eric’s wife is an actress, she’s in the business and I think everybody knows what that feels like,” Ruah added.

At the end of the day, there are not really any hard feelings or awkwardness. If it wasn’t for the duo’s relationship on “NCIS: Los Angeles,” Ruah would have never met her real-life husband. Thankfully, her co-star is a part-time matchmaker.

“I introduced her to my brother because they are wonderful human beings and I want them to be happy. It worked. They have two amazing kids. And they’re great parents,” Olsen said to Country Living back in 2019.