‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Eric Christian Olsen Asks ‘Who Spilled All the Pretty Juice’ in New Pic From Upcoming Project

by Anna Dunn
ncis-los-angeles-star-eric-christian-olsen-asks-who-spilled-all-pretty-juice-new-pic-upcoming project

Eric Christian Olsen may be known by many as Marty Deeks on NCIS: Los Angeles, but he has other projects coming out. Eric Olsen is also a producer for the TV show Woke.

The Keith Knight and Marshall Todd created show centers around a Black cartoonist who tries to stay out of politics until undergoing a traumatic incident of racial profiling. Olsen doesn’t act in the show and instead does behind the camera work as a producer. In a new photo, he thinks the cast is looking great.

“Who spilled all the pretty juice?” he wrote. “SEASON II begins!”

As an actor, however, Eric Christian Olsen has really focused his efforts on NCIS: Los Angeles. While he’s had other projects, it’s clear that NCIS: Los Angeles takes up a good chunk of time.

The ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star was Once on Househunters with His Wife

In 2015, Olsen and his wife Sarah Wright went on House Hunters to find a dream vacation home. The two, who are always witty in interviews and in appearances together, discussed countertops and joked about hot tubs. The premise of the show involves showing the guests three houses and letting them pick which one they liked the best.

Olsen and Wright went with a rustic home near a golf course as their final pic. Lucky for them, they get to vacation to the home whenever they’re both free. Both Olsen and Wright are actors. Sarah Wright is known for her work on The House Bunny, Parks & Recreation, and How I Met Your mother.

Now, the NCIS: Los Angeles actor and his wife have three children. Their youngest, Winter isn’t even a year old yet.

Eric Olsen to Return As Deeks This Fall

NCIS: Los Angeles will return this fall. Olsen is amongst those reprising their roles. NCIS: Los Angeles has had 13 seasons, and has succeeded where a lot of other spinoffs have failed by staying on air for as long as it has. Its flagship show, NCIS, will also return in the fall.

Not only are those two shows coming back, but a new show is coming to the NCIS franchise. NCIS: Hawai’i featuring Vanessa Lachey will air in the 2021-2022 season. The show will follow a very similar format as other NCIS shows, but will also make history. Lachey is the first woman to ever get cast as an NCIS lead.

For fans of NCIS: Los Angeles, the upcoming season should be totally worth the wait. In the meantime, checking out Olsen’s other projects is a great way to pass the time!