‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Eric Christian Olsen Says Brett Favre Is His Favorite NFL Quarterback: Here’s Why

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Rich Gabrielson/Icon SMI/Icon Sport Media via Getty Images

When it comes to sports, NCIS: Los Angeles star Eric Christian Olsen is a contrarian.

He grew up in the Quad Cities area of Iowa/Illinois. His dad was a track coach at Augustana College in Rock Island, Ill. If he cheered for football teams based on geography, as most folks do, the Chicago Bears or maybe the Green Bay Packers would be a natural favorite.

Yet the future Marty Deeks of NCIS: Los Angeles fame loved the Minnesota Vikings. Surely his friends took away his beer and brats.

And his favorite Vikings quarterback was Brett Favre. He loved him more because all his Packer friends disavowed Favre when he left Green Bay. Who can blame them, right? Cheering for Favre when he was wearing purple and white would be obnoxious.

In an interview back in 2017, Olsen lauded Favre.

“When he wore a Vikings jersey and everyone in Green Bay was burning his jersey, that was a great year for me,” the NCIS: Los Angeles star said. “That’s my generation of football players, that’s the quarterback I grew up loving and I think that to this day no matter how hard he got hit he got up and he was smiling and he was in the next play and he was a stud. Brett Favre is the real deal.”

Of course, there’s that whole Vikings deal. With a name like Eric Christian Olsen, you know he’s of Norwegian descent. Vikings were his ancestor’s people, way back in the day.

NCIS: Los Angeles Star Cheered for Favre in 2009-10

Green Bay traded Favre, who led them to a Super Bowl win, to New York Jets in 2008. But the NFL Hall of Famer finished his final two seasons in Minnesota. During his first season with the Vikings, Favre beat his old Packer teammates. It also was a victory missing from his NFL resume. With the win, Favre became the first quarterback ever to beat all 32 NFL franchises. He took the Vikings to the NFC Championship game only to lose in overtime to Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints.

Olsen was 32 when he celebrated Favre in 2009. He said his least favorite Viking was receiver wildly talented Randy Moss. Olsen and Moss are the same age. And Moss played two stints for Minnesota. Olsen said he wanted Moss to be more like his old-school hero, Jerry Rice.

“He drove me a little bit crazy because he was so cocky,” the NCIS: Los Angeles star said of Moss. “But he was so good like the years with (Daunte) Culpepper and Randy Moss, (Culpepper) would throw it up in the air and Moss would just come down with it.”

As far as the show goes, Olsen is relaxing with his wife and kids until NCIS: Los Angeles begins shooting for season 13. Olsen, as Marty Deeks, had a comical finale. He was kidnapped by some Russians who wanted him to run their criminal ring. The recently deceased leader had bequeathed the job to Deeks.