‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Eric Christian Olsen Snaps Stunning Pics of Wife and Babies Posing in Front of Gorgeous Lake

by Jon D. B.

Eric Christian Olsen of NCIS: Los Angeles fame and his family are true Outsiders, and these latest lake-bound shots serve as brilliant proof.

“Walking in the ☁️☁️ with @thisisthegreat_ photos by @ericcolsen,” Sarah Wright Olsen posts to her official Instagram. Within, we see her and the couple’s two adorable children living their best life.

Wherever this lake is, it looks to be an absolutely stunning, pristine getaway. The NCIS: Los Angeles star and his family look to be making the best of it, too, as they often do. How could they not on such a gorgeous day with this immaculate lake at hand?

Indeed, NCIS: Los AngelesEric Christian Olsen looks to be the ultimate dad. We may be biased, however, as the Olesons are raising themselves some fellow Outsiders, which we love to see!

One of Eric’s latest posts to his own official Instagram is a personal Outsider favorite, too. Within, we A.) clearly see who has tickets to the gun show. And B.) see his two babies strapped to him astride his bicycle as they prepare for an epic ride.

Check out the man himself showing off his adorable fathering skills right here. Within, he shares an adorable shot of both his tiny ones ready for a bike excursion alongside dad. We reiterate because it’s as precious as it sounds.

“Babies by @swrightolsen. Tank top by @nike. Hat by @bikeshedmotoco Bike by @electra_bicycle. Not so casual flex provided by two weeks #mauidreaming with @pohlenfitness and @adamlevine #letsGETit,” the NCIS: Los Angeles star hilariously captions the previous shot.

NCIS: Los Angeles‘ Olsens Seem Like the Most Fun of Parents

Far more pertinent to this article, however, is Eric’s lovely wife and mother of their children, Sarah Wright Olsen. The handsome couple often post updates of their sunshine-loving life alongside their little ones.

Perhaps our favorite story involving these two, however, also involves an NCIS: Los Angeles co-star. In fact, Eric Olsen may have the best story of them all when it comes to the one and only LL Cool J story.

Everyone wants to be best friends with LL Cool J. The iconic actor, musician, producer, and mogul absolutely radiates kindness, coolness, and everything you’d want in a BFF. It’s no surprise, then, that he has the magic touch with wee ones. Wee Olsens, to be exact.

Speaking on The Talk back in 2015, NCIS: Los Angeles‘ Eric Olsen shared his proof of exactly this. What results is a hysterical anecdote that shows close this cast is. It’s a must-watch for all fans of NCIS: Los Angeles.

“One time I was at Dani’s housewarming party… And it was the witching hour, so Wyatt was crying. I was in a back room, and you know that little dance you do with the baby? Just doing this for like an hour?” he mimics as he bounces up and down feverishly. Olsen speaks of an event at co-star Daniela Ruah’s home.

As for the where the one and only LL Cool J comes in, well, you’ll just have to watch the hysterical clip for yourself here!