‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Eric Christian Olsen Revealed a ‘Typical Day’ on Set in 2013 Interview

by Suzanne Halliburton

Eric Christian Olsen, one of the stars of NCIS: Los Angeles, was enjoying his first significant role on network television when he attended the Monte Carlo TV festival.

This was back in 2013. NCIS: Los Angeles had been on the air since 2009 and served as the first spinoff of the mothership, NCIS. Olsen appeared in two episodes in the first season but was promoted to a regular cast member in season two to play Marty Deeks, who then was the LAPD liaison to NCIS: Los Angeles.

An interviewer in Monte Carlo asked him about the show. That’s when Olsen went on a tangent on how long some of the days are on set. They make for early wake-up calls.

“We usually do 60 to 70 hours a week,” Olsen said. “So we’re up pretty early, which is fun. LA is just a big traffic grid, so at 5:30 a.m., there isn’t a ton of traffic out there.

“I get to work with, you know, everybody talks about, you do a movie and you go away, you’re with these people, and then it’s over,” Olsen said. “It’s like a summer vacation. (But on NCIS) we shoot for 10 months out of the year, 60 to 70 hours a week. It’s really like a family. You’re stuck with these people, regardless of whether you love them or not. Everybody says this, but we really did get lucky.”

Eric Christian Olsen’s Life Changed After Getting ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Gig

Since joining the show, Olsen got married to actress Sarah Wright. The two now have three children. And even with the long hours on NCIS: Los Angeles, Olsen still finds time to play with his young kids. He loves to post cute snapshots of his son and two daughters on Instagram. It’s part of his authentic charm, which translates well into Marty Deeks, who has become such a favorite with the show’s fan base.

As the show starts season 13, Deeks knows he’s passed everything to make him a new special agent on NCIS: Los Angeles. He was furloughed from the LAPD early in season 12, but Hetty (Linda Hunt) was able to pull some strings.

Olsen loves to drop tidbits about the show on his social media accounts. That’s what happened earlier this month.

Rick Tunnell, a producer for NCIS: Los Angeles, recently announced that episode one of season 13 is “in the can.” Olsen was chatting about the first episode in a video clip that NCIS: Los Angeles posted to its official account.

“Oh my God, you’re gonna love it, but I can’t say. It’s gonna be a stormy — dark and stormy night.” the NCIS: Los Angeles director says. So Olsen adds “Dark and stormy night? I’m already here for it. .. And then what happens?”

The director continues: “There’s chaos, things explode…” Olsen then made a tweak to the plans: “Deeks comes in shirtless. Tell us more.”

“And then we go to the title sequence!” the director proclaims.

NCIS: Los Angeles, with Marty Deeks and all your favorite characters, returns, Oct. 10.